Will a dealership deliver a new car to me out of state?

I haven’t ordered your KTL USA At-Home Leasing System yet.

The information on the website is fascinating to say the least. I do have a question (or two) for you if you don’t mind me asking.

You have a private list of dealerships offering the best incentives.

If I am able to lease a new car for $0 down and the dealership is out of state, will that dealership still deliver the car to me?

It seems like it would cost the dealership a fair amount of money if I happen to live hundreds of miles away.

How would the monthly sales tax work? I live in Wisconsin and the dealership is in Illinois (for example) would I get charged Illinois sales tax + whatever local municipalities charge?

It seems like this could get a little complicated. But maybe I’m thinking a little too much.

I do not blame you for thinking this is complicated.

Car dealerships purposeful complicate this to deceive us into paying more than we need to.

The answer to your question is wonderfully simple:

The lease agreement you sign (on your kitchen table – NEVER EVER go into a dealership) is based on your “garaged” location. That is, where your car “sleeps” at night.

Your leasing monthly payment is based on the state and local tax where you currently live – not where the dealership is.

The dealership enters your ZIP code, and their system knows EXACTLY what tax to charge.

With my leasing system, we use my list to contact the most aggressive car dealerships near you.

And we ask for a monthly price with $0 cash down (and ask for FREE delivery to our home, office – even a Starbucks).

In less than 24 hours, a dealership will raise their hand and agree to the price we ask for. And that includes FREE delivery.



We are told shipping is costly. But the reality is dealerships have in-house “porters”. Their only job is to deliver new cars and loaner cars to their customers. Dealers regularly ship cars to their best leasing clients. So having 2 porters deliver a car a few hours away is easy peasy for them.

(They do not advertise this to the general public, because they want us to come into their lion’s den – their dealership.)

Distance is not an issue. For example, my local Hyundai dealership here in central Pennsylvania regularly delivers cars to Orlando, Florida. Yep. That is over 20 hours away.

Here is a case study that shows a Volvo dealership delivered a new car to my client almost 5 hours away.

Here is another case study on how my Happy Valley client had his INFINITI Red Sport delivered almost 2 hours away.

I could go on and on.

Finally, yes – it is true. I have a list of all the car manufacturer’s most aggressive local dealerships. Instead of focusing on profit, they are willing to lease us a car at the absolute lowest price so they make their monthly manufacturer bonuses…

To get access to my list, order my car leasing system here.