What’s the deal with your KTL Car Leasing System, Markus?

I am interested in your Car leasing program, however I read that you are closing the blog on December? My current lease expires next June and I am preparing ahead of time and see what my options would be. Are you still offering this system? Is it a membership per year? how does it work? I would like to use this system to get the best deal possible but I don’t know how. Could you help?

Yes. My system will always be available.


Ever since I launched this system last year, I was VERY hands on with each of my KTL buyers. In almost all cases, I would answer any question in minutes. In a lot of cases, I would jump on the phone to help out. I even visited some of my buyers during the process to help out. I was so committed to a stellar service that I carried my laptop everywhere I traveled – like an on-call doctor.

And now that I have answered over 2,000 questions AND posted these answers within my system, my direct help is no longer needed.

I thought the questions would continue to roll in until the end of the year…


My inbox remains virtually empty.

In fact, I feel like that Maytag repair guy in their old commercials – no one asks me questions anymore.:>


I have moved on to my next project (earlier than expected). And I cannot wait to tell you about it. It will be my landmark information product. Stay tuned.

And again, my KTL car leasing system is available to order here.

There are no extra upsells when you get it. There are no membership fees to pay. You get online access to my system with a username and password for an entire full year. And yes, I show you how to always get $0 cash down lease… at the best prices possible… always sign and drive lease (or even better true sign and drive lease).

Those who agreed to share their success stories with me are posted here.

UPDATE: I am getting more questions about this topic… here we go:

If I purchase your product today, will it be updated to reflect all-new models?

Yes. You can see all-new models some of my success stories here.

Will you still be available by phone/email to answer questions?

No. I have moved onto my next project here. That project is my new full-time gig.

But the good news (as I mentioned before) is that I personally answered over 1,500 questions. And I took these answers and posted them on my system.

I see you say that miles overage is not a big deal because in many cases people flip their cars. What if I don’t end up finding a good deal to flip? I’d like to negotiate a lower price for going over miles upfront and have an allotment of 15K miles per year, is that feasible with your 1% rule?

Figure upon a dealership adding about 9 cents for each mile over 12,000. This will be the typical “market rate” price for getting extra miles into most car leases. So in your case, 9,000 miles times 9 cents is $810. And $810 divided by a standard 36-month lease is $22.50 extra a month. No big deal.

When using my system, we ask dozens and dozens of dealerships to match the monthly price we want – $0 cash down. This includes the mileage we typically drive. Again, I recommend the “9 cent rule” here.

Punchline: the car leasing industry scares us about the mileage penalty. But armed with the proper KNOWLEDGE, we can see that it is not so scary after all.

I’ve heard a lot of people have issues when returning a car at the end of their lease because dealers nickel and dime them for any minor damage to the car, do you share and advice for dealing with this if you plan to return the car?

Yes… of course, I reveal the best ways to turn in a car at lease end.

My clients always skip over these lease-return shenanigans.