What is the difference between sign and drive and true sign and drive?

One more question: With your program, we’ll get out of down payments. But will we still be responsible for 1st month + Bank fee + DMV fees? Which amount to 1,000-1,500.

Thank you again!

You are referring to a standard sign and drive lease. As you mentioned, that is when we only pay the first month up front plus dealership fees.


With my KTL leasing system, we request a true sign and drive lease.

The car dealership delivers us our new car…

We sign the paperwork at our kitchen table – this takes about 7 minutes…

The delivery people smile and leave…

And we get our new car. Sitting in our driveway. Ready to enjoy.

No money changes hands. No need to use a credit card. No need to get a cashier’s check from the bank.


We get a bill or coupon book in the mail a few weeks later for our first payment. (The lease paperwork states when the first payment is due – usually 30 days after taking delivery.)

With true sign and drive, the dealership pays the leasing company these fees for us. Yes. Very cool, right!

Everyone is happy.

Tip: the moment I take delivery, I make sure to call my auto insurance company and update my policy.