Vehicle Description Page

A car dealership’s Vehicle Description Page (a.k.a. VDP) is their webpage that describes everything about a car.

Dealerships know these are the most important set of pages on their entire website. It is much more important than a dealership’s home page.

These pages are often indexed by search engines. And when people search for a vehicle, these pages are featured when the car they are looking for match a VDP’s details. A click gets us to these pages to help us research everything about a car we are thinking about getting.

Car dealers use these pages as “lead magnets” – a way to attract new, potential buyer’s to their website. They also know that the more VDPs we look at, the more likely we are going to buy from their dealership.


My leasing clients use the dealership’s VDPs for an entirely different reason. We use Vehicle Description Pages to get the best discounts, incentives and holdbacks available – with $0 cash down.