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Is a lease protection plan worth it?

I just got this from one of my KTL clients about purchasing a lease protection plan:

I got a great deal on an Infiniti QX30 AWD Premium, and went I went to sign the paperwork, the finance guy wanted to sell me a premium lease protection package- $900 cost over 39 months, gets me free tire, rim, dent repair and $1,500 in lease return damage insurance. It’s cost is quite steep, compared to the cost of overall car insurance. I gave the ‘okay’ knowing I have 30 days to back out.

I’m guessing it’s not worth the cost- I’m leasing a vehicle because I don’t put that many miles on it, so less chance for damage. Is the lease protection package ever worth it?



Here is my quick answer:

Buying a lease protection plan is almost never worth it.

In fact, in most cases, getting wear and tear insurance for a leased car is the biggest hustle going. Because most people who lease never claim this insurance in the end…

Instead, I recommend getting my KTL Leasing System to help you get the best new car at the lowest price – with $0 cash down.

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