Here is the fast and easy way to turn in your lease car and get a new lease car

I see this kind of tweet all the time:

Andrey… I feel your pain.

I was once in your shoes a few years ago. Then I decided that enough was enough – and would figure out the leasing game in our favor.

And in the Winter of 2016, I created a system that takes all the hassle out of trading in a leased car for a new lease.

I call it the KTL At-home Leasing System. It works in most of America (the lower 48). And the best part is we do everything from our home, office – even a Starbucks.

The most important rule is to NEVER, EVER visit a car dealership. This is a FATAL mistake. Because doing so will waste up to 5 hours of our time. Even worse, we will overpay for our lease by at least $6,000 (up to $12,000.00).

Instead, I reveal how to force all automakers to lease us a car over the Internet. Yep – we never even see a car salesperson.

And yes… my same systems force the leasing company to pick up our end-of-lease vehicle sitting in our driveway. They will gladly do it. We just have to ask in the right way. I show you how.

This is why I created this blog. I expose the auto industry – all their games, tricks and hustles. And instead of dreading car leasing, I reveal how to make it a pleasure.

With that said:

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Question: How should I handle my lease return and get a new lease?

I just got this question about what happens when you return a leased car for a new leased car using the same leasing company:

Hello Markus,

I was hoping to get some useful advice regarding a lease return.

I’m currently in the 3rd year of my 3 year lease through Chrysler Capital. I have 6 payments remaining (about $2000). I’m located in Southern Ca.

I’m looking to upgrade into a 2018 of the same make and model. The lease quote I received is:

MSRP: 43,290

SALE PRICE: 38,450




I haven’t yet informed the dealer about my lease return. What’s the best way to ask the dealer for a buyout without being taken advantage of?

What about my current tags, they don’t expire until June 2018, why can’t I keep my tags and save on registration fees?

Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

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How to turn end-of-lease cars into extra cash

If you are ready to turn in your end-of-lease vehicle, click the play button and watch this quick video tutorial:

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