Should I consider a one-pay car lease?

I’m a full time grad student 27 y/o with one more year to go. I want to get the 2017 Honda Civic EX and with your system I’m confident I can get one for $200/mo with no down payment.

I wanted to know your thoughts about single payment lease? I think it would increase my chances of getting approved. My Fico score is 730 and I have student loans and 5-6 credit cards with 30k limit less than 10% utilization. However, since I dont have a real income other than my student loan, I wasnt sure about my approval.

Prepaying a lease defeats the biggest benefit of leasing – to minimize the use of our hard-earned cash.

I get the appeal to consider a one-pay lease. We think we do not have a high enough credit score to get approved.


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