Here is how I would turn in my Ford vehicle for a profit

I just got this email question about how to handle an end-of-lease Ford turn in:

Hey Markus, I purchased your system a couple of days ago and I’m looking forward to using it. Thank you for the info! As I’m reading through everything the question that comes to mind is when should I initiate the process? I am currently leasing a Ford Escape (I had never leased before and made one of the worst business deals in my life….) and my lease expires in exactly 90 days. If I start the process now, is that too early? For example, if I found a vehicle in a week’s time, it would leave me paying for 2 vehicles for several weeks. Or is this something I would address in the emails–the delivery date? Also, the salesman who initially got me into the lease told me that it’s not worth buying my current vehicle because the price that was agreed upon when we signed the lease is higher than the vehicle is currently worth. (Nice.) Lastly, I purchased extra mileage up front (15k per year) and am now at 32k, meaning I’ve purchased an asset that, unless I do a whole lot of driving in 90
days, I will give to Ford for free. My vehicle is in perfect condition. Should I try to sell it? I will appreciate any and all advice.

Normally, I would answer this question within my system

But you are asking great questions that a lot of people ask of me… so here we go:

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Ford lease-end options (revealed)

Is your Ford lease about to end and are looking for your Ford lease-end options?

The VAST majority of those who end their Ford leases regret it. Because car dealerships use high-pressure sales schemes to move us into a new Ford lease at full price. Or, if we decide to get a different car, we get the runaround.

Most people have no idea that leasing a car is no different than financing a car. In fact, we can save thousands and thousands of dollars just by asking for the savings. (I have case studies about this here.)

So before you look at your Ford lease-end options, I would look through my leasing tips and strategies here… this helps you make the right decisions when turning in your leased car.

Ford lease-end resources

Car lease is up – now what?

Here is how I would turn in my Ford vehicle for a profit

Ford lease return information

Ford Credit Customer Support

Can you add extra miles in the middle of a car lease?

Can I buy extra miles in the middle of a lease if I see I’m going over my allowance?

No we cannot.

We can only buy discounted mileage credits before we sign a car lease.


I might have some great news for you…

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