Leasing a new car mid year vs all-new model – which is cheaper?

I stumbled across your sight while trying to find “true” dealer cost vs invoice cost comparisons and I felt somewhat deceived there. I have read through most of your posts and you seem very knowledgeable. I know the value is there if your product works the way you say it does, which I can believe it does. I am in the market for a 2018 440i xDrive with the M Sport package and a few other options packages which bring the total MSRP up to $63,885. They currently have a rebate on lease discounts ranging from $2,000 to $3,500 locally (SoCal). Would this program be able to help me on this car? I noticed below you indicated on newer models it’s tough to get this kind of a deal. Should I shoot for the 2017? Does it help that it’s the end of the month? Thanks!

Welcome to the crazy world of shopping for a new lease car.

And you are being nice…

Because we are being TOTALLY deceived by the “true” dealer cost.

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