Here is the fast and easy way to turn in your lease car and get a new lease car

I see this kind of tweet all the time:

Andrey… I feel your pain.

I was once in your shoes a few years ago. Then I decided that enough was enough – and would figure out the leasing game in our favor.

And in the Winter of 2016, I created a system that takes all the hassle out of trading in a leased car for a new lease.

I call it the KTL At-home Leasing System. It works in most of America (the lower 48). And the best part is we do everything from our home, office – even a Starbucks.

The most important rule is to NEVER, EVER visit a car dealership. This is a FATAL mistake. Because doing so will waste up to 5 hours of our time. Even worse, we will overpay for our lease by at least $6,000 (up to $12,000.00).

Instead, I reveal how to force all automakers to lease us a car over the Internet. Yep – we never even see a car salesperson.

And yes… my same systems force the leasing company to pick up our end-of-lease vehicle sitting in our driveway. They will gladly do it. We just have to ask in the right way. I show you how.

This is why I created this blog. I expose the auto industry – all their games, tricks and hustles. And instead of dreading car leasing, I reveal how to make it a pleasure.

With that said:

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Question: Is turning in a leased car early for another lease worth it?

Hello Markus,

My current lease on a 2015 Nissan Altima is up on 12/01/2017 and my last payment will be automatically debited on 11/01/2017. I have had an inspection and will have a lease end balance of wear/tear charges for a broken fog lamp $230, chipped windshield $55, disposition fee ~$300.

I visited dealerships and test drove 3 different vehicles…

And all the dealers have told me they would pay off the rest of my current lease.

Should I take advantage of this while using your system?

Thank you for your time and help.



Of course, every dealership wants to pay off the remainder of our current lease…

Because this is how dealership owners get RICH.

Here is why:

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