What is the difference between sign and drive and true sign and drive?

One more question: With your program, we’ll get out of down payments. But will we still be responsible for 1st month + Bank fee + DMV fees? Which amount to 1,000-1,500.

Thank you again!

You are referring to a standard sign and drive lease. As you mentioned, that is when we only pay the first month up front plus dealership fees.


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Top car leasing mistakes to avoid

They say leasing is just another way to finance a car or truck.

This is partly true.

But for me, leasing is a complete game changer. It allows me to get more car for a lot less money.

With that said, there are many potholes on the journey to a successful lease…

Here are the top car-leasing mistakes I see:

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FAQs about my USA KTL At-Home Leasing System

I help my clients get into any new-car lease at the absolute lowest price.

Even better, we negotiate away any down payment – only paying tags and first payment upfront.

And the best part is we do it all via email. We never step foot in the showroom. The vehicle is delivered to our home (or office).

I have compiled a list of the most popular questions I get about my KTL USA At-Home Leasing System below…

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