Here is EXACTLY why Subaru does not “lease well”

I bet I will get this question a lot about leasing a Subaru:

Why isn’t Subaru listed in your most recent lease deals?

Out of all the lease forums I monitor, I have yet to find a single “brag”…

That is, not a single forum poster has paid less than 1% monthly of MSRP for a Subaru. (At least I have not found one).


Subaru does not lease well. That is, they are not set up to give us a large discount off their sticker price.

There are 2.5 main reasons why:

1) They say Subaru’s MSRPs are realistic
Most car manufacturers significantly inflate their sticker price. Then they offer massive discounts to trick us into thinking we got a great deal.

But some say Subaru has every-day low prices…

Yet, I find Subaru’s sticker price is typically the same as a similarly-featured Toyota sticker price.

So no, this has nothing to do with it.

2) They do not own a “captive” leasing company

A captive finance company is a subsidiary who provides financing to customers buying the parent company’s product.

For example, the “captive” Infiniti Financial Services finances the leases for their Infiniti brand…

Toyota Financial Services is the captive of Toyota….

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services provides leasing for Mercedes Benz.

And so on.

But here is the BIG problem: Subaru is not in the leasing business. Currently, they joint venture with Chase Bank – a 3rd-party bank (and not captive) that offers subvented leases.

Yes… residuals are usually high with Subaru. Because they easily hold their value over time…

But, Chase does not offer juicy lease incentives (like others do). They cannot, because (unlike car companies), Chase only makes money on their rental charge.

3) No MSDs

Also, Chase Bank does not allow us to exploit MSDs to further lower the price we pay each month for a lease.

Should this stop us from pursuing a great Subaru lease?

Absolutely not…

Remember, my KTL At-Home Leasing System disrupts the old way of getting into a new car…

I would use my system and fire off lots of pitch offers to Subaru dealers. You have nothing to lose but a little bit of your time… and a new Subaru to gain if there is one aggressive car dealer out there.

UPDATE: It looks like Subaru is changing their ways and leasing well. Check out this Subara Forester deal and this WRX deal.