Revealed: how to claim hidden dealer incentives to lower our monthly lease payment

Take a look at this typical car ad for a Kia Sorento XSL:

hidden dealer incentives Kia Sorento SXL discount

See the discount?

It shows just $1,000 off the sticker price. This is a woeful 2.1% discount off the MSRP.


What if I told you this exact same car has a hidden dealer incentive that would instantly reduce the price by $11,000.00 instead?


It is true.

How do I know?

Because Kia is offering factory-to dealer-incentives this month on this car – check it out:

hidden dealer incentives Kia Sorento SXL lease incentives

Instead of that pitiful 2.1% discount the dealer is advertising, we can lease that exact same car at a whopping 23.3% discount.

Because Kia is giving us $3,000.00 Stand Alone Customer Cash AND $8,000.00 KMF Lease Cash. (KMF stands for “Kia Motors Finance”.)

Thus, anyone can claim this $11,000.00 discount (if you know the secret… read below for the scoop).

UPDATE: Poof. Kia just removed this $11,000.00 incentive as soon as I posted this. Here is the link – see how it is about half as much as it was this morning? Boy, that was fast! I promise I won’t reveal these hidden dealer incentives publicly again.

hidden dealer incentives Kia Sorento SXL lease incentives update

Dealerships LOVE these hidden dealer incentives

Normally, car dealers have to whittle away at their profits when negotiating with us. They do not like this…

But with these secret, hidden dealer incentives, they make a LOT more money on each car they lease to us.

(The exception is with all-new models. These almost never have juicy incentives the first 6 months.)

Because most car dealers never pass the entire incentive on to us.

Instead, they give us just enough to make us happy, then keep the rest.

Dealerships hide these savings with lease contract voodoo magic tricks. They mess around with the Rent Charge, fees – even the trade-in value. So we never see these manufacturer incentives.

In simple speak, these juicy discounts are hidden from us.

These manufacturer-to-dealer incentives are almost obscene

When people order my KTL leasing system, they get $0 cash down leases and pay between .89% and 1.3% of the MSRP sticker price.

We get excited when we get a new car lease at the 1% rule.


With these hidden manufacturer-to-dealer incentives, we can slash the monthly price of a new car lease.

For example:

Kim got this INFINITI Q50 Premium Plus for just $325 a month – $0 cash down. That is a stellar .69% of the MSRP. This is almost half the price of what the Q50 regularly leases for.

Julian got this Hyundai Elantra Sport for $175.56 monthly ($0 cash down). Once again, this is .69% of the MSRP sticker price.

I could go on and on with similar examples.

How to find hidden dealer incentives in a mouse click

Here is exactly how anyone can track down that these secret hidden incentives:

Step #1: Visit
Believe it or not, it is hard to find reliable incentive data.

A lot of car sites have the data, but it is either old or incomplete.

But Autobytel updates their listing often.

Step #2: Click on a car manufacturer

Scroll down the page a bit…

Click on one of the 35 car manufacturer listings:

hidden dealer incentives Autobytel car manufacturers


Step #3: Click on the pic

hidden dealer incentives Autobytel click pics

The list of models is sorted alphabetically. Pay attention to the model year – new models have a green background. Click on the car picture to continue.

Step #4: Click on the hidden incentive link
The “Incentives” link is hidden under the “More” tab. Click it.

hidden dealer incentives Autobytel incentive link

Step #5: Drill down
Enter your ZIP code and trim level.

hidden dealer incentives Autobytel ZIP trim

Then, in less than a second, all the incentives appear on the screen.

How to claim these hidden dealer incentives

As I have said above, dealerships do not want us to know about these leasing incentives.

Most dealers are going to deny that they exist.


It does not have to be this way…

My KTL leasing clients use my proven system to get the greatest discounts these incentives offer – every time.

Do you live in the USA (in the lower 48)?

If so, my system shows you how to lease a new car at the best price (at $0 cash down). Click here get access to my leasing system in mere seconds.