Do you offer a money-back guarantee to access your KTL leasing system?

You don’t offer a money-back guarantee for access to your system do you? I didn’t see anything mentioned about that.

I have been waiting for this question since I launched my KTL leasing system last year…

In simple speak: no. I do not offer a money-back guarantee. I never will. I have tried it before, and it is a disaster. (I explain all the nitty gritty details below).

What I do guarantee is that you get access to my password-protected, private site for a full year with your order.

What I do guarantee is that my website will be up and running 99% of the time.

What I do guarantee is that you can use 2 different devices at the same time when using my leasing system. So if you want to use your smartphone and laptop simultaneously, you have my blessing.

And I guarantee that my system works 100% on any device… mobile, laptop or desktop – Mac, PC or Linux.

Most important: I guarantee that you will always get a sign and drive $0 cash down lease. (In many cases, you will get a true sign and drive lease $0 cash down lease – even better).

I tested money-back guarantees in the past…

Yes. A money-back guarantee adds an extra level of trust. And that usually helps sell more stuff.

Sure. I post daily here on my leasing blog. But you want that extra layer of trust to know that I am not going to rip your off.

I get it…

I feel the same way. I HATE paying for a scam. It is embarrassing. It can be costly. And it is a waste of my precious time.


In the past, I offered a lifetime money-back guarantee. And it was great. It helped me sell more of my information products.

Offering a lifetime, money-back guarantee helped me sell a lot more of my stuff.


Something happened a few years ago.

And it was not good.

I had several people LOVE my product, but still ask for a refund.

The emails went something like this:

Hey Markus: your system is awesome. It worked exactly as advertised. But I see you have a no-questions asked money back guarantee for life. Could I get my money back?

I am not making this up.

This is theft. Plain and simple.

And while I have an even temper, I get violently angry when someone steals from me.

(Rant over.)

Here is the bottom line about money-back guarantees

It sucks out loud that the action of a few degenerates prevent me from offering a money-back guarantee.

Not having a money-back guarantee is losing me clients.

I really wish I could offer my lifetime, money-back guarantee – but it burns me up when people steal from me…


Here is what I recommend if you are on the fence about ordering my leasing system:

Watch for my new case studies that I update often…

Also, check out the car leasing FAQs I answer, too. And if I did not answer a question, just ask me here.

Finally, if you are up for taking a small leap of faith, you can order my leasing system here.