Question: will your leasing system get me a good price with $0 cash down

Hi, I just came across your blog.

I have 2 questions about your program.

I lease a Toyota Camry which is up in August.

1) Do you think I would be able to flip it for a profit at this point?
2) I’m looking to lease a sienna xle or pacifica touring-l with 12k miles. Will your program help me get a good price with 0 down at this point?
I’m being quoted 1500-3500 due at signing wherever I call.

Thank you for your time.

Obviously, you read my post about flipping end-of-lease cars for a profit.

I would get a free appraisal from CarMax if one is nearby. It takes less than 45 minutes. It is free. And they will make you an offer for buying your end-of-lease car in writing. There is no obligation. Take it or leave it

(Or if you do not have a CarMax nearby, get an appraisal from a dealership or used car facility.)

Of course, if they offer more than the stated Residual Value (a.k.a. Purchase Option at End Of Lease Term) on your lease agreement – congrats… you will get a check for the difference.

If they offer less, you can turn in your keys and move into a new car lease.

About getting into a Toyota Sienna or Chrysler Pacifica Touring using my KTL leasing system

Yes. The beauty of my system is I show you EXACTLY how to get into a sign and drive or true sign and drive, $0 cash down car lease. Either way, you will not put down a single penny. And you will have your new car delivered to your home, work – even a Starbucks.

Side note: I looked at a Toyota Sienna a few nights ag0 – I was not impressed. And they equip their minivan with run flat tires… we should NEVER get a car with run flats. Never.

On the flip side, the Pacifica seems to have it all. They really stepped up their game on that. Even better, Chrysler heavily discounts their cars (if you know what you are doing). Toyota does not discount their cars as much.

You can see in my list of affordable and safe car here. And as we see, the Chrysler Pacifica is one of the safest minivans available this year.