Question: when is the best time of the year to lease a car?

Bottom line bmw- is it possible to get 0 downpayment?
When is the best time to get the beat deal on a lease? End of year? Certain time of month?

I am always careful when asked these types of questions…

Because the good ‘ol US government does not allow us to make “claims.” We cannot make guarantees of outcomes. Heck, we technically cannot even offer a money-back guarantee… because it implies a claim.

What I can say is that all my KTL Leasing System clients get $0 cash down leases. There are 2 types – a sign and drive lease and a true sign and drive lease.

A sign and drive lease is $0 cash down. With my system, the only money we have to come up with is prepayment of both government “fees” and a first-month lease payment.

A true sign and drive lease means the car is delivered to us. We sign the paperwork on our kitchen table… the delivery people leave us the car’s keys… we drive our car FREE for the first 30 days (and no money changes hands).

How do we know which type of $0 cash down sign and drive we will get? It is impossible to predict. Some dealers are “aggressive” and really need our one last sale to make their manufacturer bonus. And they will “sweeten the deal” by offering to make our first month’s payment out of their pocket.

Either way, my leasing system helps us reduce that down payment to zero. It just goes “poof” into money heaven. In simple speak, the dealership is willing to make their down payment go away to get our deal.

This is especially awesome for those getting into BMWs. Because as we see, BMW regularly asks for a down payment of more than $3,000.00:

2018 BMW M3 Sedan down payment

Finally, the best time to lease a car with my leasing system is just after this Christmas. But do not wait until the last minute. If you have extra time (at least 30 days), you can REALLY get a great deal if you plan ahead. This is no longer true until Christmas of 2023.