Question: How long does it take to lease a car with your system?

One of my KTL leasing clients just asked me this:

My husband will be up in Portland soon, so in your experience, is it good to just get this started asap? How quickly do these things go if I’m on the timeline/responses?

With my leasing system, we get dealers to agree to our price fast.

For example:

David got his first reply to his email for this Volvo XC60 Inscription in just 19 minutes.

Later in the day, he found a dealership to come super close to the price he wanted (i.e. his email offer).

The dealership drove the car to him the next day.

The paperwork took less than 10 minutes to fill out – he signed the lease on his kitchen table.

With my KTL leasing system, this is the norm:

We offer a price to dealerships today. One dealership accepts (or comes super close). And they drive our new car to our home or office the next day.


My system works that fast.


I would bet that 99.9% of people who get into a new car did not get a good deal.

They “think” they got a great deal. Because part of the car biz magic trick is to tell us we got a great deal. It makes us feel good…

But the reality is the VAST majority of finance and leased cars are underwater. And the car’s value never exceeds the car’s remaining payments.

Every day we stay in a bad deal, we pay too much. (Obviously.)

Day after day.

Mile after mile.

And while a depreciating asset like a car naturally goes down in value…

We do not have to get fleeced like a sheep.

This is why I recommend not “thinking about it.”

Just DO it.

I recommend getting out of a bad car deal TODAY.

Right here.

When you use my system and target the 1% rule, you are going to get the absolute lowest price for your car…

You will slash the time you are “underwater”.

And when you get into the right car at the right price at the right time, you might even be able to bank some extra cash flipping it.