Question: How do I lease a Volvo SUV at the absolute lowest price?

I just got these excellent questions about leasing a 2018 Volvo SUV/Crossover…

Hello Markus,

I have been looking into leasing a new 2018 Volvo XC60/XC90 T5/T6/T8 for a few months now.

I reside in Los Angeles, California. And I have contacted 10-12 Volvo dealerships around LA since then.

Only a couple of them agreed to provide 10% off MSRP plus any available incentives at the time of arrival (for a special order).

But based on those incentives, that 10% off might not (and most likely won’t) get me at 1% like your system.

Car dealers and manufacturers blitz us with lease jargon to confuse us.

It is easy to get caught up in the game of discounts and incentives – residual values and money factors.

But the truth is car “stealerships” have mastered the art of fleecing us (while getting us to think we got a great deal at the same time).

With my KTL Leasing System, we never worry about all the nitty-gritty details.

Instead, we ask for a super aggressive monthly price (near the 1% rule) with $0 money down.


Also, the email templates I offer my leasing clients are written by me (I specialize in professional copywriting). Plus, I had 2 new car salesman tweak my emails for the greatest results. And man o’ man did that make a big difference. Because now, we get low-priced, printed lease worksheets rushed to us about 20 minutes after we contact them.

I read your recent “Leasing a new car mid year vs all-new model – which is cheaper?” post.

*** My first question: Do I understand it right that getting a better deal on 2018 XC90 should be easier as it’s basically the same as 2017 while 2018 XC60 is all-new?

I tried to get a better deal on XC90, but haven’t been able so far.

Your “How to lease a 2018 Volvo S90 T6 at $597.11 monthly – $0 cash down” post suggests I might be able to.


Many times, an all-new model leases better than a mid-year model.

There are lots of factors at play here…

One big factor is the manufacturer’s current lease incentives.

Another factor is inventory. As older inventory dwindles, demand for it goes up. (People mistakenly believe dealerships are “desperate” to move vehicles that sit on their lot for a long time. This is a wide-spread myth. If a car does not sell, dealerships use corrupt accounting schemes to move it off their books. And they often turn these vehicles into program cars – a.k.a. courtesy vehicles)…

As all-new models pour into dealership lots, manufacturers give their dealerships secret discounts disguised as “incentives”. These discounts are usually thousands and thousands of dollars available for us to claim. (If we do not claim these incentives, dealerships keep this money as profit.)

The other big factor is the list of dealerships.

I compiled a list of every aggressive car dealer in the USA. This took me over 9 months to complete. It is sorted by region and car manufacturer…

These aggressive dealers are more interested in their large manufacturer bonuses than the individual profit on each vehicle they sell…

For example:

One local Nissan dealership near me netted an extra $775,000.00 in bonus for meeting a target. And that was a bonus for just one month. These bonuses are available every month of the year for (almost) every dealership here in the USA.


When we find a car dealer that needs that one last lease to dip into this lucrative bonus, they often “drop their pants” and give us a fantastic deal… many times lower than the 1% rule.

Here is an audio of a podcast that followed the life of a car salesman. Listen how they go crazy to meet that target goal… doing anything and everything to find that one last customer.

*** My second question: Does your system only work for in-stock vehicles?

As I previously mentioned, I was looking for particular builds, I haven’t seen a single in-stock vehicle in the exact build I want, but there a few that just have a different from what I want interior color and maybe a few unneeded for me features, and I can be okay with that if I get the car at 1%.

One of the downsides of getting a fantastic lease deal is we might not get EXACTLY everything we want.

On the flip side, we might get stuff we never wanted FREE as part of the deal.

If you have extra time, a dealership will “lot swap” a car with another dealership that has (almost) everything you want. This can happen overnight, or up to a week or so.

If you want a car custom built to EXACTLY what you want (right down to the color), you going to pay more (and wait a heck of a lot longer for it). But, you will still get a $0 cash down deal using my leasing system.

FYI: my clients get access to the same system car dealers uses to lot swap. So finding that needle in the haystack is easier than we are led to believe.

*** My third and last question for now: Do you think it’s possible to get 2018 Volvo XC90 T6 Inscription (~$71,000 MSRP) for around 1%?

I understand you can’t make any claims, but still…

All I can legally say is this:

Ford’s Volvo got bought out by the Chinese car manufacturer Geely in August of 2010. And the first move they made was to allow Volvo to be itself. Geely assured Volvo employees it would be hands off. And it shows as Volvo’s quality and progress are WAY better today. In fact, Volvo is my new favorite car brand…

But the second move they made was to be more aggressive in their lease offerings. You can see the results here.

I wish I can guarantee a 1%-rule lease – but as you know, the US government’s FTC forbids this.

With that said, something tells me you are going to get the Volvo you want at the price you are going to love.

P.S. Thank you for the abundance of the information (I have read a few of your posts, but not all yet). And if it all works out, I could provide a testimonial.

I appreciate the kudos. I cannot wait to feature your new Volvo as another success story.