Question: Can I get a great lease deal on an all-new model car?

I’m looking at a 2018 Chevy Traverse High Country and a 2018 VW Atlas Premium. Both are brand new platforms/body styles within the past 1-5 months. Will this make it harder to get the 1%?

Yes. It will be all but impossible to get these cars near the 1% rule.

Using my system, consider it a win to get the total payment in under 1.3% of the MSRP.

Me personally:

I would NEVER, EVER get into a brand new model.



New model cars are riddled with problems and bugs.

Brand new vehicles break down a lot during their first few months. And these are not simple fixes. They usually need us to leave a car many days at the dealerships for warranty work.

But unreliability is just the tip of the iceberg…

Here is why:

These new cars are artificially hyped up from the car industry media. Car manufacturers bribe… yes bribe journalist into writing glowing reviews.

And as a result, car dealers are able to sell (and lease) these cars at (or near) artificially high prices.

Brand new models are priced at least 30% higher than the exact same car selling a year from now.

I remember when the Jaguar F-Pace first came out about 2 years ago. The automotive press pretended to go crazy for this SUV. And Jaguar regularly sold them at (or above) full sticker price.

Yet today… about 2 years later, we can easily get $27,000+ discounts off the same Jaguar F-Pace:

2018 Jaguar F Pace discounts

I also remember when the Ford F-150 Raptor first came out about 5 months ago…

Dealerships were selling these for tens of thousands of dollars above the full sticker price.


Those insanely high prices did not last long. Because today the Raptor is selling at a big-time discount – over $21,000 off:

2018 Ford F 150 Raptor discounts

And that is the punchline here…

If we can wait a few more months or so, odds are good prices will come crashing down.

If not, I would look at alternatives.


Car manufacturers put out new (secret) incentives every month.

Savvy shoppers wait for these incentives to come out – and pounce on them at the right time. (I go into detail about this in my KTL USA At-Home Leasing System).

For example:

This month, both the 2018 Chevy Traverse High Country and 2018 VW Atlas Premium have very little in the way of incentives:

2018 Volkswagen Atlas Incentives

2018 Chevrolet Traverse Incentives

As we see above, most of these incentives are under $1,500. This is chicken scratch. And there is no incentive for local dealers to slash their selling prices.

On the flip side, look at all the incentives listed for the 2018 Volvo XC90 7-seater SUV (by the way it is a FAR superior car than the Atlas or the Traverse):

2018 Volvo XC90 Incentives

In a large minority of cases, going after a mid-year vehicle gives us even better incentives on all-new models – like this 2017 INFINITI QX60:

2017 Infiniti QX60 Incentives

See how INFINITI and Volvo make available thousands and thousands of dollars in incentives? This tips us off on which car manufacturer is going to most likely come in near the 1% rule.