Behind the scenes: Leasing a INFINITI Q50 Red Sport for just $572.50 a month ($0 cash down)

Take a look at this amazing INFINITI Q50 Red Sport:

2017 INFINITI Q50 Red Sport

The sticker price on this brand new sports car was $60,645.00:

leasing 2017 infiniti q50 red sport MSRP 2

But my KTL client (Mark of State Park, Pennsylvania) got this car at an obscenely low price.

He is paying just $572.50 a month:

leasing 2017 infiniti q50 red sport 572.50 monthly

In total, Mark saved $15,097.32 more than anyone else leasing this exact same Q50 Red Sport.

Here is how my clients get a lot more car for a lot less money

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What is the fastest way to lease a car?

Ugg. I hate seeing a help ticket cross my desk like this:

I found out my 2002 Nissan Maxima will need $650+ repairs AND at least 2 new tires on a car worth Blue Book less than $3,000

What advice do you have for me to get into a car fast?

No problem.

I asked Kevin to join me for a recorded call.

Here is what I recommended to lease a new car when our old car breaks down:

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Should I lease my next vehicle lease through a credit union?

Some car manufacturers almost never have value-priced leases.

For example, Subarus do not lease well (because Subaru outsources their lease financing).

Yes, some entertain the idea of using a credit union to give us a better lease. And trust me – I LOVE credit unions over banks for most banking stuff. Heck, I am a member of 2 credit unions…


While I appreciate out-of-the-box thinking…

This is a TERRIBLE idea for these 3 reasons:

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Auto sales down in 2017 – is this good news for us?

This news just caught by eye:

U.S. Auto Boom Seems to Be History, Just as Trump Counted on Jobs

And I quote:

On Tuesday, automakers reported the fourth straight monthly retreat in sales of new cars and light trucks, the longest stretch of declines since 2009, when the industry was embroiled in crisis and bankruptcies. The slump underscores the view of many that auto sales have peaked and are set to trend downward.

“The market is tapped out,” said Adam Silverleib, vice president of Silko Honda, a dealership in Raynham, Mass. “It’s no longer expanding at the rate the manufacturers thought it would.”

He added that the more optimistic consumer sentiment recorded since Mr. Trump’s election “hasn’t translated into what’s happening in dealerships where we’re trying to sell cars.”

Moreover, the top six automakers in the American market all reported declines from their April sales a year ago, and in every case the falloff exceeded analysts’ forecasts. Wall Street took notice: Shares of Ford Motor and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles were down more than 4 percent, and General Motors shares fell almost 3 percent.

Actually, it does not take a genius to see that the traditional car industry will never rebound…


Because autonomous, self-driving cars will become the norm in less than 3 years.

And this is GREAT news for us…

There has never been a better time to use my KTL system and lease more car for less.

BREAKING: Tesla recalls most of its 2016 vehicles

Tesla reminds me of BMW… the most overrated, expensive vehicles ever sold.

And now we have this:

Telsa issued a voluntary recall on Thursday for 53,000 vehicles built in 2016 for a faulty parking brake that could remain engaged.

The company told customers the defect affects electric parking brakes installed on Model S and Model X vehicles built between February and October 2016. No injuries have been reported from the malfunction.

One of the big advantages of leasing is we are able to flip leased cars for a profit – especially when we drive something as crappy as a Tesla.