Pros and cons of leasing a new car here in the USA

There is a ton of bad information out there about leasing a car.

It is time to bust the myths…

Here is my unbiased, point-by-point analysis on the pros and cons of leasing vs. buying a car:

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Car lease agreement explained

We all know car leasing is complicated.

This gives the car dealership the upper hand on us. Because when we are confused, most of us do not ask questions. And we just sign the lease contract – even if it is a bad car lease deal.


The good news is I am going to demystify the typical car lease agreement. And I will show you how to protect yourself from getting ripped off at the same time.

Here is a copy of one of my client’s lease agreement:

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What is a car lease worksheet?

I have your KTL Leasing System. And I am getting lots of lease worksheets. But they all look different. How do I know what a real lease worksheet looks like?

As a KTL client of mine, you know we get dozens and dozens of local (and regional) dealerships to send us their lowest price…

And we use a lease worksheet so it comes to us in writing.


Just about every lease worksheet is different.

Here are 24 different lease worksheets that have crossed my desk…

Let me deconstruct each one and reveal the important stuff to look for:

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What is this 1% rule I keep hearing about?

“I understand the rule to a good lease is that your monthly payment is < 1% of the MSRP. Is this true?”

In a word: sorta

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How to lease an Audi Q5 quattro Tiptronic for $514.31 ($0 cash down)

During the day, Daron Kanoa is a best-selling author…

His book is titled Interchange Madness: How to Save Thousands On Your Credit Card Merchant Fees Without Changing Processors. The book promises to help frustrated business owners with their credit card processing fees.

Little did Daron realize that leasing a car in his native Hawaii would be equally frustrating.

I interviewed him about his “interesting” challenge to lease a Audi Q5 2.0 quattro Tiptronic remotely – from the island of Hawaii:

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