New Georgia car lease law is changing – is this good news for leasing a car in Georgia?

Apparently, leasing a vehicle in Georgia is about to get a lot cheaper:

HB 340 (Alternative ad valorem tax; motor vehicles; change manner of distribution of proceeds) now taxes the cheaper monthly payment, not the entire sales price of the vehicle.

The law kicks in on January 1, 2018…

Now, if you live in the state of Georgia and you are looking to lease a new car at the lower tax rate, click here to access my KTL Leasing System.

Can I lease a car in a different state?

Hey Markus: when using your leasing system, I ran into a dealership who claimed it is illegal to lease out of state. Is this true. If so, what should I do?

I know of no laws that prohibit leasing a car in a different state.


(Please contact me if there is such a law… I will admit I was wrong and update this post.)

This is an unnecessary lie put out by a tiny percentage of dealerships.

Quite frankly, I do not get it. Lying about this will not get that dealership a sale. Nor will it help out any other dealership.

Instead of lying, the dealership should just say their dealership chooses not to lease across state lines. This would be honest – and this would help boost our confidence in the car-selling process.

Bottom line: As I always recommend, ignore these types of responses. Instead, focus on the other dealerships we contact that wants to lease us a vehicle.

How does leasing a car affect my credit score?

Hey Markus… how does leasing a car affect your debt to income ratio. And is leasing better for my credit score compared to financing?

Great question…

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Behind the scenes: Leasing a INFINITI Q50 Red Sport for just $572.50 a month ($0 cash down)

Take a look at this amazing 2017 INFINITI Q50 Red Sport:

2017 INFINITI Q50 Red Sport

The sticker price on this brand new sports car was $60,645.00:

leasing 2017 infiniti q50 red sport MSRP 2

But my KTL client (Mark of State Park, Pennsylvania) got this car at an obscenely low price.

He is paying just $572.50 a month:

leasing 2017 infiniti q50 red sport 572.50 monthly

In total, Mark saved $15,097.32 more than anyone else leasing this exact same Q50 Red Sport.

Here is how my clients get a lot more car for a lot less money

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