Can I get great Mercedes-Benz lease deals with $0 down?

I just got this question about leasing a Mercedes E450 Coupe 4matic:

Would I be able to participate knowing I would like a Black Mercedes E450 coupe 4matic? In reading your material I know you tend to look at lower priced vehicles for the best savings.

Take a look at this interesting infographic:

most leased cars in USA

As we see, a higher percentage of leased cars are for expensive cars.


By volume, most people lease cars under $30,000 MSRP.

My KTL USA At-home Leasing System works for all production cars sold in the lower 48. With my system, we aim to come close to the 1% rule. It is a lease where the monthly payment is between .69% and 1.29% of the car’s MSRP.

This includes all Mercedes-Benz cars (and similar higher-priced cars, too).

For example, this $67,940 Volvo S90 T6, this $60,645 INFINITI Q50 Red Sport and this $47,590 Audi Q5 are some of the higher-priced success stories featured on my blog here.

I find there is a sort of sweet spot – cars selling between $30,000 to $46,000 have the most incentives. That is why my clients are able to get a lot more car for a lot less money in this price range.

With that said, typically.. cars over $46,000 are closer to the 1.29% mark – especially since the E450 is “newish”. (And remember: my system always gets a sign-and-drive, $0-cash-down lease). So for your Mercedes E450 Coupe 4matic, I recommend trying to get your payment near $800 month – again, no money down…

If you try and lease the exact same car from any Mercedes-Benz dealership in America, your payment will be close to $1,000.00 a month (plus about $8,000.00 down).

By the way: I hope for your sake you get this E450… it is not like the boring E class of years past… I hear it is a blast to drive these days!