Leasing a new car mid year vs all-new model – which is cheaper?

I stumbled across your sight while trying to find “true” dealer cost vs invoice cost comparisons and I felt somewhat deceived there. I have read through most of your posts and you seem very knowledgeable. I know the value is there if your product works the way you say it does, which I can believe it does. I am in the market for a 2018 440i xDrive with the M Sport package and a few other options packages which bring the total MSRP up to $63,885. They currently have a rebate on lease discounts ranging from $2,000 to $3,500 locally (SoCal). Would this program be able to help me on this car? I noticed below you indicated on newer models it’s tough to get this kind of a deal. Should I shoot for the 2017? Does it help that it’s the end of the month? Thanks!

Welcome to the crazy world of shopping for a new lease car.

And you are being nice…

Because we are being TOTALLY deceived by the “true” dealer cost.

The “invoice” price nowadays is about 7% across all car brands. Just a few decades ago, it was 15- to 20%. This is nothing more than trickery. Because we all have been sold on the idea that invoice is what the dealer pays for inventory.

Hells bells… we can walk into almost any dealership and get a 7% discount just for breathing.

On the flip side, my clients regularly see 25% discounts using my KTL system.

Too many people focus on trying to figure out their game.

And yes, it is a game.

I teach my clients to skip over the nonsense:

We take the emotion out of the game and use logic instead.

I show them how to come up with an aggressive, but fair monthly price. And we ask for the price we want – not the other way around…

We do not care about advertising rebates or discounts. This is marketing magic. Because those discounts melt away the moment we step into their “stealership.”

My clients borrow my fill-in-the-blank templates. And they email dozens and dozens of dealerships selling the new car we want. And in less than 9 hours, the best price surfaces. It really is this simple.

Besides getting super low prices, my clients always get true sign and drive, $0 cash down leases. This makes it easy to compare prices and choose the best monthly payment. (It also gets us into a new car without forking over a single penny.)

Mid year vs all-new

All-new models are ALWAYS sold at insanely high prices.

Because they can.

Most people fall for the marketing hype of a new car.

Car journalists are in cahoots with the car industry. And they are paid to write glowing reports about the newest cars. People fall for it… never question it… and gladly get fleeced.


It takes about a year for the all-new model honeymoon to end.

This is when real people write real reviews about an all-new car model. The marketing hype dies down, and manufacturers begin to bring prices back down to earth.

Bottom line: An all-new model is usually at least 10% more per month than last year’s model. So a $500 a month payment for last year’s model might be $550 a month for the all-new model.

Is it worth it? On some new cars, yes. For example, this year’s Volvo XC60 is FAR superior than last years – well worth the extra $50 more per month in my humble opinion.

On the flip side, the all-new Honda CR-V was a HUGE disappointment and did not live up to the hype.

About that BMW 440i xDrive…

Can we get real?

BWM puts out so-so cars for the money.

I know you do not want to hear that… sorry for being the “dream stealer.”

Yes. BMWs are bright and shiny.

(But they look dated quickly).

Even worse, BMW does not think its poop stinks. They are arrogant to the max. And as a result, they are not aggressively priced. In fact, their prices are insanely high for what we get.

Most car manufacturers are upping their game these days. And they are putting out awesome cars at great prices. BMW is stagnant. Their brand is quickly falling behind others. Heck, much cheaper Hyundais and Kias are better built and better looking than BMWs these days. I am not kidding.

And I am quickly being won over with Volvo…

Ever since the Chinese car company Geely bought Volvo, I have become a huge fan.

Volvos are no longer just for soccer moms and rich white dudes. Their new line of cars is about as close to the perfect car as we could ask for.

The Volvo S90 offers WAY more bang for the buck compared to the BMW 440i.


If you REALLY want to get a similar car at the absolute lowest price, I suggest looking at the INFINITI Red Sport. INFINITI almost always gives us way more car for the buck.