How to lease a Subaru Forester at $269.57 monthly – $0 cash down

Normally, Subaru cars do not lease well.

Because most times their leases are sold via their non-captive JP Morgan Bank – not Subaru Motors Finance. And their leasing incentives are not so good.


I am seeing changes. GREAT changes…

And my clients are seeing breakthrus on getting themselves fantastic deals on Subaru cars.

Our first win was this Subaru WRX.

And less than a week ago, Meaganne in Oregon just landed a new Subaru Forester at $269.57 monthly – sign and drive… $0 cash down.

Here is her new Forester:

2018 Subaru Forester front


In almost every case, we get the dealership to deliver our new ride to our home or office.

But in this case, my client traveled to their “lion’s den” – the “stealership”.

Meagenne agreed to let me “grill” her all about her experience – take a listen (it has a super happy ending):

Here is a copy of their Subaru Forester’s lease agreement:

2018 Subaru Forester lease agreement

Note: If you live in the good ol’ USA (and do not want to lease an overrated, expensive Tesla), my KTL Leasing System can help you. We always get a sign and drive, $0 cash down lease on every car sold here in America.