How to lease a Nissan Rogue SV AWD at $260.60 monthly – $0 cash down

Another happy client – he snagged a Nissan Rogue SV AWD at $260.60 (with $0 cash down).

He sent me two pictures of his car…


2017 Nissian Rogue SV AWD

And this:

2017 Nissian Rogue SV AWD wheels

Clearly he is a “wheel” guy – I get it.

Let’s take a look at his final lease agreement:

2017 Nissian Rogue SV AWD payment rent charge

Any time I analyze a lease agreement, I ZOOM to the “Rent Charge” This is the total amount of interest we pay for borrowing the money to lease a car…

If the rent charge is hundreds of dollars, we got an amazing deal. If the rent charge is thousands of dollars, we did not…

As we see, it is just $617.65. Normally, this car’s Rent Charge would be at least $2,600.00. So I know this is going to be an awesome lease price. Because the car dealership needs to lower the Rent Charge to meet our requested monthly payment of $260 a month.

The MSRP sticker price of this Rogue SV is $26,590. And since the payment is just $260.60 (again, with $0 cash down), he is exactly at the target 1% rule.

Here is the best part… the dealership was so “eager” (I will not say desperate) to get this deal, they agreed to a true sign and drive┬álease:

2017 Nissian Rogue SV AWD zero down cash

See how the cash needed for delivery is $1,200. This is for the first payment plus government and dealer fees…

But with a true sign and drive lease, the dealership pays these fees for us.


Bottom line

If you want to lease a Tesla, I cannot help you.┬áTesla sells direct. And they do not discount a penny off the price of their overpriced cars…

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