How to lease a MINI Cooper Hardtop S at $414.61 – $0 cash down

One of my clients just sent me a few pictures of her new MINI Cooper S:

2019 MINI Cooper S.jpeg

And I know she is a savvy driver – parking her brand new MINI Cooper protected by a concrete pole. (More people need to better protect their cars from the general public and their door-ding tendencies):

2019 MINI Cooper S parking garage

She is THRILLED. A quick glance at her lease agreement reveals the good news:

2019 MINI Cooper S lease agreement

She should be ecstatic. After all, she just set a record amongst my clients. She used my new-car leasing system to get a BMW product at the lowest percentage of the MSRP I have ever seen.

Let me explain:

Lots of people order my KTL At-Home Leasing System and shoot for a 1%, $0-cash down deal. That is exactly what this blog is about – how to do it (along with case studies like these for inspiration).

I have a confession to make here

I cannot lie: I have a hate-hate relationship with BMW (and its MINI car division). Because I think BMW is looking to exit the car business.

I am not joking.
BMW is sabotaging their right to exist these days.

I warn my leasing clients that BMW’s good ‘ol days are far behind them.

Because nowadays, a so-so deal on any BMW new-car lease is at least 1.5% of the MSRP. That is roughly a 50% higher monthly payment than what almost any other car company charges.

This means a $40,000 BMW is going to set us back at least $600.00 a month – YIKES.

A $60,000 BWM product is going to hit us in the wallet every month for over $900.00. Double YIKES.

And so on.

Even worse…

Gone are the days of superior, FREE maintenance. Nowadays… brake pads, brake discs, wiper blade inserts, engine drive belts, and clutches are no longer covered. Instead, BMW’s “famous” free maintenance plan is a few oil changes and tire rotations. Big whoop.

And, gone are the competitive leases of just a few years ago.

Today, BMW is quickly becoming a forgotten auto brand.

As a result, we get a headline like this:

BMW brand sales increase 1.0 percent.
MINI brand sales decrease 14.6 percent.

BMW is now a shell of itself. They have clearly changed tactics and are pivoting into la la land. I say this because almost every car brand offers a similar, luxurious car for less – a heck of a lot less.

We have BMW options – lots of options

Today, I would drive any new Volvo – you pick it… over any BMW or MINI. It is not even close.

If Volvo did not exist, INFINITI cars would be my backup. Again, just about every INFINITI car is superior to a BMW – at almost half the price tag.

Heck, I would even drive a new Buick Enclave over any BMW today – they are that good. And I am disturbed to admit this as I am not a fan of American cars. (And yes, I live in America.)


Even though I warn my clients about today’s BMWs, some insist on getting one.

And Ginger in Orange County, California insisted on getting a MINI Cooper S.

In fact, she wanted one of the rarest MINI Coopers here in the USA. Just one dealership had it. And she got it. And got it at an OUTSTANDING price.

Here is the testimonial she just wrote to me:

I feel so lucky to have found Markus’ KTL System. I was googling for lease end advice and came across his system and after watching a video of a happy client and also some reading I felt that it would work. I felt that this was a worthwhile investment. I don’t buy every program, or hardly any program, because I’m not very trusting and also because they are too much work or not really worthwhile. Convinced I went ahead and purchased it and got to studying it top to bottom.

Due to life circumstances, I wasn’t able to start the process until my lease was almost up. I got my new car 2 days before my lease ended.

My choice of car was rare. There was only one in the Western United States that had what I wanted on it so I didn’t get the deal that some folks got but I still got an amazing deal. I got my car for 1.12% of the sticker price. There was another offer I got for 1% but I preferred the car that was 1.12% because I was super picky.

The program is easy. It does everything for you. It prevents the dealers from playing on your emotions and you can compare cars at different dealers within a day instead of going from dealer to dealer.

Just get it. Get Markus’ new-car leasing system. It gives us the unfair advantage over car sellers here in the USA.

– Ginger

Time to get into the weeds

As I always do on this blog, let’s analyze her lease agreement – the good (and yes, the bad).

The bad news is Ginger got hosed on the Rent Charge. The Rent Charge is fancy talk for the cost for us to borrow the leasing company’s money and lease our new car…

Normally, my clients shoot for a 3-digit Rent Charge – anything under $999 is stellar. But as we see, BMW’s Rent Charge is a 4-digit fee… a big, fat $4,304.60:

2019 MINI Cooper S Rent Charge

This means she left over $3,000 “on the table”. Normally, this never happens with my clients… but this is BMW. And BMW’s leasing arm will not budge on this.


That is it for the bad news.

The rest is GREAT news.

Again, she got everything… the car… the fees… (the over-priced Rent Charge) – even taxes… she got it all at 1.12% of the MSRP. Getting a BMW vehicle near the 1% rule is a HUGE win.

The 1% rule is what I help my clients shoot for. When we divide the monthly payment (and always $0 cash down) into the MSRP sticker price of the vehicle, we target a 1% number. (In reality, we consider a lease deal outstanding when the monthly payment is between .7% and 1.3%).

In Ginger’s case, the monthly payment is $414.61. This is hundreds a month less than if she tried to get the best deal on her own.

And the MSRP was $36,530:

2019 MINI Cooper S MSRP

Even better, she got the EXACT car she wanted – right down to her perfect color. This included the hard-to-get $8,000 Iconic Trim package.

(Almost) $0 fees

As always, my clients get leases with almost all those bogus, expensive fees reduced to zero. The one exception here is a government sales tax fee of $21.72. Every other fee is $0. Seriously. Zero:

2019 MINI Cooper S fees

And the best part is Ginger got a true-sign-and-drive-lease. This means she signed the lease paperwork for her new MINI and did not hand over a single penny. In fact, the dealership paid her first month’s payment AND even paid the government tag fees. So she is driving her MINI free for the first 30 days!