Behind the scenes: Leasing a INFINITI Q50 Red Sport for just $572.50 a month ($0 cash down)

Take a look at this amazing INFINITI Q50 Red Sport:

2017 INFINITI Q50 Red Sport

The sticker price on this brand new sports car was $60,645.00:

leasing 2017 infiniti q50 red sport MSRP 2

But my KTL client (Mark of State Park, Pennsylvania) got this car at an obscenely low price.

He is paying just $572.50 a month:

leasing 2017 infiniti q50 red sport 572.50 monthly

In total, Mark saved $15,097.32 more than anyone else leasing this exact same Q50 Red Sport.

Here is how my clients get a lot more car for a lot less money

Many people (wrongly) believe car leases are not negotiable…

They get hypnotized by a lease’s lower monthly payment.


Naive car shoppers pay full MSRP sticker price.

And this is a BIG mistake:

Instead, Mark used my system to get an effortless $5,698.32 discount off the sticker price. That brought the selling price (a.k.a. the Gross Capitalized Cost) to $54,946.68:

leasing 2017 infiniti q50 red sport gross capitalized cost

This car dealership was so aggressive, they loaned Mark money almost FREE

But wait – there is more. A LOT more:

And this happens a lot…

My KTL system helps us find the most aggressive dealers around. And they will do just about anything to lease us their cars.

Take a look at this:

leasing 2017 infiniti q50 red sport rent charge

Yep. The total interest (a.k.a. the Rent Charge) on Mark’s lease payment (loan) is a mere $104.94.

Depending on our credit score, a $60,000.00 car costs us a smidgen over 9% in interest over 36 months. That would have been $5,400.00 in “Rent charge”. So Mark just saved another $5,300.00.

My clients NEVER need a down payment

Even better, my clients get a “sign and drive” lease arrangement…

That is, we get the car with absolutely no cash down.

In Mark’s case, he saved another $4,099.00 – money he gets to keep for better investing:

leasing 2017 infiniti q50 red sport zero down payment

Mark saved 24.9% on his new INFINITI Q50 Red Sport

The total discounted amount on the car was $5,698.32..


The savings on the lease’s finance charge was $5,300.00…

And the savings from NOT having to put a down payment was $4,099.00…

All totaled, Mark save $15,097.32 using my KTL system.

Never visit a car showroom again

Everything we do is done from the comfort of our home (or office).

We communicate using my fill-in-the-blank email templates.

I even let you borrow my automated email app – letting us lock in the price of our new car in about 9 hours max.

And the best part is the dealership delivered the car to Mark’s home. (This was a 3-hour drive).

Listen to Mark’s phone recording

Mark was kind enough to let me record his entire journey to track down his new car lease…

Here is the last call we recorded – adjust your speakers and listen to this exciting phone call: