How to lease a INFINITI Q50 Premium Plus at $325 monthly – $0 cash down

Earlier this year, Kim from Des Moines, Iowa was my first KTL leasing system success story.

She was my first proof of concept: anyone can email car dealers and get their best prices with $0 cash down leases – without ever seeing a car salesperson…

Without negotiating.

Without wasting hours and hours in the dealership.

And without insults.

She got this amazing INFINITI Q50 Premium Plus without putting any money down:

2017 INFINITI Q50 Premium Plus

Her monthly lease payment is $325 for a lease term of 39 months.

Kim was the first person to successfully use my leasing system and get her monthly payment to beat the 1% rule.

Here is a copy of her lease…

As always, we zoom to the Rent Charge to see if she got a GREAT deal:

2017 INFINITI Q50 Premium Plus lease agreement

We know that when the Rent Charge is hundreds of dollars, we got an excellent lease deal…

But Kim’s Rent Charge was just $70.44. Normally, a $46,815 car has a Rent Charge of over $4,600.00. So we know this is a GREAT lease deal.

To confirm this great deal, we see the Gross Capitalized Cost is $36,660.21. This is “lease speak” for the final selling price. So she got a discount of more than $10,000.00 off the MSRP sticker price.

We also see the amount due at signing was just $505. This is known as a sign and drive lease… we pay the first month’s lease payment ($325) plus government tag and registration fees ($180.00) and we get our car without needing a down payment.

I interviewed Kim in a Google Hangout – here she is explaining how she used my leasing system to get this amazing car:

Would you like to lease a brand new car at the absolute lowest price?

And get it with $0 cash down delivered to your home or office?

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