How to lease a Honda Odyssey EX at $450.68 – $0 cash down

It never gets old when one of my clients sends me an unsolicited case study.

This testimonial reveals how the Skolnik family of San Diego, California leased a brand new Honda Odyssey EX for $450.68 a month – true sign and drive… $0 cash down.

Here is what Ronald sent me:

Hey Markus,

I just wanted to follow up to say THANK YOU for your system, templates, education, etc. I had never leased a car before and found your site by Google ‘How to lease a car with no down’. I bought your system and studied all of the posts, FAQ, videos, templates, etc.

I added your list of high volume dealerships along with as many Honda dealerships in Southern CA that I could find via Google Maps… On Tuesday, I sent out the email template. I eventually ended up with about 20 lease offers, about half of those being actual worksheets… At the end of the day, I went with the lowest offer which was the local dealer that offered $450… I filled out the credit application on Friday, and within the hour had the delivery scheduled for Saturday morning.

Saturday morning a salesman from the dealer showed up with our new 2019 Honda Odyssey EX-L with 35 miles on it. He was very personable and went through the inspection, paperwork, and features within about 30 minutes. They gave us the keys and drove away – no money exchanged, no tupsello up sell anything. The best part? Other than talking to the financial guy to confirm our credit application, 100% of the process was done over email. No phone conversations, no dealerships. Simply amazing.

I have to say I am extremely pleased about the whole process and couldn’t have done it without your system. I am telling all my family and friends about this and they are excited to give it a try when they are ready.

Thanks again for your system!! Look forward to doing it again soon 🙂

Ronald Skolnik – San Diego, CA

Ronald included these pictures and graphics:

Honda Odyssey EX L happy

Honda Odyssey EX L front

Honda Odyssey EX L lease worksheet

NOTE: See the “DRIVEOFF AMOUNT’ of $1,021.02? By using my system, Ronald got a true-sign-and-drive deal… which means the dealership paid the drive-off amount… and the GREAT news is Ronald is driving his new Odessey free for the first 30 days!