How to lease a Chrysler Pacifica Touring-L minivan at $356 monthly – $0 cash down

This is great news for anyone looking to lease a top-rated minivan with $0 cash down…

One of my leasing clients just took delivery (at home) of a brand new Chrysler Pacifica Touring-L minivan at $356 monthly – true sign and drive.

Here is the message I got from him:

We got our car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a relief!!!

I already told a bunch of people about your program. My brother's lease is up in November and he's paying highway robbery right now. He can't wait to hear more about your system. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

I can't believe how everyone overpays and that it's really possible to get a car and not pay a penny.

Yep. This is the same Chrysler Pacifica Touring-L minivan that regularly sells across the USA at full MSRP sticker price.

But after using my KTL leasing system, my client was able to bust the 1% rule at .986% of MSRP.

I am waiting for pics of his new ride… He sent the pic:

2017 chrysler pacifica touring l in garage

Meanwhile, here is the minivan on his local dealer’s website:

2017 Chrysler Pacifica Touring L VDP

As always, let’s analyze the lease worksheet he got just before taking delivery of his new minivan:

2017 Chrysler Pacifica Touring L lease worksheet

Starting at the top, we see this has just 5 miles on it. This confirms we are getting a new car, not a loaner or program car. A lot of unscrupulous dealers try to trick us and lease us “new cars” without thousands of miles on ’em.

Of course, my clients always get a $0 cash down lease. And the payment estimate was between $361 to $371 monthly – tax included. (The range is dependent on our credit score.)

But get this sweet surprise:

The dealership’s General Manager noticed a mistake on this lease worksheet. He adjusted it, and the final monthly price came in lower at $356 monthly.

(It is refreshing to see an honest car dealer these days.)

See the MSRP of $36,090? Using my leasing system, we were able to slash the price of this new car by over $10,000.00 off. Remember, this is a #1 selling vehicle right now. And top-selling cars do not need to discount much.

Finally, the Residual Value Percentage was a lower-than-normal 48%…

A lot of “lease hackers” think the key to beating the 1% rule is to get a higher-than-normal Residual Value Percentage…


It is the size of the overall discount that matters the most… not the Residual Value (or even the Money Factor or Rent Charge).

Even better:

When the RV% is low (and we get a low monthly price at the same time), we get a win-win situation:

We get stunning low monthly payments…

Of course.


We give ourselves a much better chance of flipping the car at the end of the lease and pocket hundreds – even thousands of dollars in lease equity.

UPDATE: Here is a copy of his lease agreement:

2017 chrysler pacifica touring l lease agreement


There is one thing that always freaks out my clients… the “Amount Due at Signing” box:

2017 chrysler pacifica touring l lease agreement amount due

Yes. The lease agreement says my client needs $7,434.07 upon delivery of his car…

But since we asked for a true sign and drive, the car dealer paid this out of their own pocket to the leasing company!

So the dealership delivered the car to my client’s home AND he got his new car without paying a penny.

Check out this last message I got from him:

I had such a great experience using your program. We were skeptical at first but we are so glad we took the plunge. 

We received offers as high as $615 for the same vehicle. The dealer we went with first offered us $390 and ultimately came down to $356!!! In the store for this same vehicle, we were quoted $500 + a month with $3,000 down. And we got this lease for $356 with $0 down. 

Thank you Markus for being so helpful and available to answer all the many questions we had. We are thrilled with our new lease and we saved upwards of $3000.

Delivery was super quick. A nice gentleman brought us our car with a huge stack of papers to sign. There were "sign here" post-its so that made it quick and easy to fill out. I wasn't offered any additional trash like I was when I leased my previous vehicle in the dealership. We were done in 15 minutes.

I thanked the dealership and they are very warm and appreciative.

We still can't believe we have a gorgeous new vehicle with all the features we wanted (leather seats!!) for less than the price of the base model of all the minivans.

Thank you again for sharing your knowledge with us and making it available to all!