How to get $0-cash down lease deals on the Acura TLX – no fees… no salesman… no B.S.

Acura TLX

If you are looking to lease the Acura TLX…

And you want to get the best deal ever – without haggling with a sleazy car salesman… watch this video (below)…

One of the biggest mistakes we can make when shopping for a new Acura TLX is to get a price from a local Acura dealership.


We see an advertised low monthly payment and think we are getting a good deal…

But the truth is getting a new-car lease at a dealership is a surefire way of getting fleeced.

That is because the Acura TLX lease price paid is the full 100% MSRP sticker price – no discount. None.

Not only are we not getting a single penny of a discount, but we will also pay an extra $200.00 to $400.00 per month more than we need to.


Because these advertised “low monthly prices” is missing hidden charges. These low monthly lease prices do not include local taxes, rent charge (the cost of borrowing money for the lease) – even delivery and advertising “fees.”

The good news is there is a better way to lease a car and truly get a GREAT deal. And the best part is we never see a salesman… and our new car is delivered to our driveway without stepping foot in a “stealership”.

If you are ready to lease a new Acura TLX in the next 90 days, click the play button and watch this quick video tutorial on how to get a new car lease with no money down:

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