Revealed: How to skip the car dealership and lease any car with $0 cash down in the USA!

We all know the old system of car buying and leasing is broken.

We are forced to spend hours in their “Lion’s Den” for up to 5 hours. They treat us like dirt and insult us. It is like they do not want to even sell us a car.

Even worse, once we get the price, we are sold many upgrades in the Finance and Insurance office. That is another waste of up to 45 minutes.

And the worst part is we know we are paying way too much for that car.

Good news: there is a better way

I created a system that exploits new-car leasing to the max.

I have a list of every aggressive and high-volume dealership here in the USA – sorted by car manufacturer.

These dealerships get big manufacturer’s bonuses – and they will slash the price of our new car to get that one extra sale they really need.

To find these aggressive dealerships, we email them. (I developed an online email app to get leasing prices from dozens of local and regional dealerships.)

And the best part is we get $0 cash down leases – saving us at least $1,999.99 (usually a lot more)…

Finally, the dealerships delivers our new car the next day to our home (or office).

The 1% rule

I help my leasing clients get any car here in the USA at about 1% of the MSRP sticker price.

For example:

A $35,000 Toyota RAV4 can be had for about $350 monthly. $0 cash down.

A $46,000 Infiniti Q50 Premium Plus is ours to drive for about $460 monthly. $0 cash down.

The popular Nissan Rogue SV – a $25,000 car is about $250 monthly. $0 cash down.

A $56,000 Audi A6 – about $560 monthly. $0 cash down.

And so on.

The worst part

When we go to the dealership to buy or purchase a car, they ALWAYS need a down payment.

The down payment is at least $1,999.00.

But with my system, the dealership waives any down payment – and we get a true sign and drive lease. We just drive the car with $0 cash down. Our first payment is due about a month later.

Here is the best part

We never, ever step foot in the dealership.

Everything is done via email from our home (or office).

And the dealership always delivers our new car to us FREE.

Instead of dreading getting into a new-car lease, it is actually fun.

Here is how to get my KTL USA At-Home Leasing System in just seconds

If you are ready to lease a new car at the right price…

If you want to pay about 1% of the MRSP sticker price every month…

If you want the dealership to “forgive” thousands of dollars of a down payment…

And if you hate car shopping and want to take delivery at your home (or office)…

Then you might be interested in getting my KTL USA At-Home Leasing System right now.

It includes password-protected access for a full year.

My system works flawlessly on a PC or Mac – even iOS or Android.

All my tutorials are written out and watchable on video.

Here is the (virtually FREE*) way to order:

A one-time access fee of $299
This gets you everything. And this includes a full-year of password-protected access.

* My KTL Leasing System is virtually free because we always get $0 cash down leases – saving us at least $1,999.00. Some cars require up to $6,000.00 for a down payment. But with my system, we NEVER pay anything down – $0.

Click here to get it for $299…

By the way – still not convinced… watch this:

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