FAQs about my USA KTL At-Home Leasing System

I help my clients get into any new-car lease at the absolute lowest price.

Even better, we negotiate away any down payment – only paying tags and first payment upfront.

And the best part is we do it all via email. We never step foot in the showroom. The vehicle is delivered to our home (or office).

I have compiled a list of the most popular questions I get about my KTL USA At-Home Leasing System below…

What does KTL stand for?

K = Knowledge
T = Timing
L = Emotion

When we use knowledge, timing and logic at the same time, we get into a new vehicle at the absolute lowest price. And the best part is we do so without paying down payments or inflated doc fees.

Why do car salespeople insult us and treat us like crap?

Believe it or not, it works:

Because when 100 people visit a car dealership, an industry average of 31 people buy or lease a car the same day.

A car salesperson’s main job is to wear us down both mentally and physically. Their goal is to keep us in their showroom at least 5 hours straight. So we get hungry, moody and agitated. This stresses us out… which leads to poor decision making. And when we make bad choices, we usually pay thousands more than we need to.

Everyone says leasing is like throwing away your money down the drain. You disagree. Why?

Car salespeople are excellent magicians.

We focus on what they want us to look at – a low monthly payment.

But, the best way to find the lowest price is to look at the total cost of driving per mile.

And in virtually every case, leasing costs less per mile than financing a vehicle (or even paying cash).

Even worse, owning a vehicle gets expensive… especially about 3 years in. Because the cost of maintenance and repairs adds thousands of hidden dollars to the cost of driving.

But, leasing allows us to always be driving a new car. And the price we pay is always locked in – so there are never any surprises.

We never have to worry about replacing tires, brakes, water heaters, transmissions or engines. In fact the only thing we have to pay extra for being windshield wiper fluid and replacement blades. And we only have to change the oil once during an entire 3 year lease (and this is usually free with each lease).

Since we are always driving a new vehicle, we always get the latest safety features. As a bonus, safe vehicles slashes the cost of auto insurance.

And we never have to stress out about the car breaking down or not starting… because the vehicle is always new.

I will never pay cash or finance another vehicle again in my life. I made that mistake for decades. I will lease for life and come out ahead every time.

Leasing is so confusing to me. Do I really need to learn about “capitalized costs”, “residual values”, “money factors” – even “multiple security deposits”?
Leasing is confusing on purpose.

We are hypnotized into the lure of a low-monthly price. But then the confusing jargon fleeces us into submitting thousands of dollars for a down payment, destination charges, doc fees – even the cost to turn in a lease.

I teach my leasing clients how to get the lowest monthly lease price without putting any money down. This is a “true sign and drive”. Because we get the low price we see in car advertisements (and negotiate out any extra costs).

Your website says you do everything through email. In fact, you say most of your clients get their new car delivered to their home. I thought everyone had to get a new car at a dealership?

Car dealerships trick us into going into their “lions den”.

Because the second we step into their dealership showroom, they use powerful, military-style psychological tricks on us. Remember, 31% buy (or lease) a new car the same day they visit their dealership.

But the reality is my clients do all the negotiating from the comfort of their home (or office) – all via email.

We never see a salesperson.

We are never treated like crap… never insulted.

Because we flip the game in our favor and cut out the emotion of car shopping.

And once we get our new vehicle at the price we choose to pay, the dealership cheerfully delivers it to our home (or office) – no strings, no catch.

I thought we pay full price when we lease a car. Yet you say you regularly save your clients up to 24.5% off the sticker price. What is the truth here?

Car dealerships tell us vehicle leasing is different than vehicle buying…

And that we must pay the full-sticker MSRP price when leasing a vehicle.

But this is a whopper of a lie…

Because leasing is just another way of financing a vehicle.

I teach my clients how to use email to negotiate the absolute lowest selling price. This obscenely low price is applied directly to the lease payment – saving us hundreds of dollars per month off our lease payment.

You say the invoice price on a new vehicle is not the real invoice price… what is the real invoice price?

We are told car dealerships buy their vehicles from the manufacturer at “factory invoice price.” These days, that averages just 7% of the sticker MSRP price.

(What is interesting is that just 20 years ago, invoice price has been 15- 20% of MSRP.)

But the hidden truth is car dealers buy new vehicles to sell for about 50% of MSRP.

Of course, the auto industry vehemently denies this. Because if the public found out, they might riot.

And we know car dealers are swimming in profits every time they sell us a car.

For example, I helped my client get this $46,815.00 2017 Infiniti Q50 Premium Plus. And as we see in the lease paperwork, the selling price was just $34,772.41. That is 24% off the price of her new car:

faqs infiniti q50 discount

This 2017 Volvo S60 is getting discounts of 21.39% off the sticker price:

faqs volvo s60 discount

This 2017 Toyota RAV4 XLE gets a 16.85% discount:

faqs toyota rav4 xle discount

Even the already-low-priced 2017 Kia Optima gets a 19.2% discount:

faqs kia optima discount

I could go on and on…

The bottom line is the “factory invoice price” of 7% is not the lowest price… we can get MUCH more of a discount.

So how do we know when we truly get a great deal on a car?

For us, a good deal is when we lease a new vehicle at 1% of the MSRP sticker price.

So a $35,000 new vehicle is a great deal at $350 a month.

A $22,000 new vehicle is $220 a month.

And so on.

And remember, we never pay a down payment. We negotiate this out – all via email. We sign and drive – only paying tiny registration fees to get started.

What tips do you have to get these discounts?

Timing is a big factor…

Knowing the exact day to send out email tips the lowest price in our favor.

I regularly see my clients save over $100 a month just by delaying their emails by 11 hours.

Because timing is EVERYTHING.

You talk a lot about getting a new lease with no money down. How do you get away with that?

A hacker broke into several car dealer’s computer systems. And he found that car dealers bought their new-vehicle inventory at half off MSRP sticker price.

Yep. Car dealers buy their new cars at 50% off… then sell them back to us at HUGE profits.

And while each car is very profitable…

A LOT more money is made when a dealer meets their monthly and quarterly sales quotas.

For example, if Nissan thinks its Springfield dealership should sell 256 new cars in March, Nissan might give them a “stairstep’ bonus of $1,500.00 for each of those cars sold for meeting their month-end quota.

But, if they miss March’s quota by just one car sold, they get $0. Nada. Zilch.

We ask dealerships all around the USA. And we cordially ask them to lease us a car at obscenely low prices so they meet their stair-step bonus. And then we get them to deliver our vehicle to our home or office.

It is a win/win situation – my favorite.

This sounds like a lot of work.

This WAS true…

When I first launched my system in December of 2016, it was a lot of work.

But today, I now lend you my online app to slash the amount of time it takes to email all the dealers across the USA.

First, we setup a FREE “throwaway” email and phone account. This way, we never get bothered. (Because car dealers will try and hound us – even months after we first contact them).

Next, we fill out a few questions:

faqs app vehicle

Then, we let the dealers know where to send their lowest price (without any down payment or silly fees):

faqs app contact

In just minutes, dozens and dozens of dealerships will raise their hand to meet our request – all by email… without phone calls… and without wasting our time in their showroom.

Is there a best time to lease a new car?

Yes there is.

Each month is different…

But most car dealerships in the USA wait until the Monday of the 3rd week of each month to make a BIG decision:

“Should we make a lot of profit per car, or should we slash our prices and exceed our month-end quota to make the MUCH bigger bonus?”

Most dealerships bail out – opting to make as much profit on each car they sell or lease…

But some “drop their pants” and go for it. And to make their end-of-month quota, they slash the selling price of their cars.

We use an email campaign to quickly locate these “aggressive” dealers. And we contact them and let them know they can count on us for that one last sale.

I heard we can claim a new car lease as a tax deduction… is this true?
It is true…

If any of the miles we drive is for business (and we itemize this on our tax return), we get a business write off.

I hire a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to handle all the paperwork – well worth the $275 I pay for this service.

Do I have to have excellent credit to lease a new car?

Believe it or not, great credit is not required…

I have seen my clients with terrible FICO scores get into a lease without paying extra.

(What is a terrible FICO score? I have seen a 581 score get approved.)

Remember, we track down desperate dealerships looking for that one last sale to make their lucrative end-of-month quote bonus. They are super aggressive with their pricing. And in most cases, they do not even charge “rent charge” (i.e. the finance cost of leasing).

Here is proof – this newly lease car is over $46,000.00. But the “rent charge” was just $70.44. Normally, it is thousands and thousands of dollars:

faqs low rent charge

Isn’t it more expensive to get insurance in a lease car?

It depends.

Believe it or not, getting into expensive, leased cars usually gets us the lowest price on auto insurance rates.

And car insurance prices are beginning to tumble…


Because the latest vehicles are equipped with tons of safety and crash-avoidance equipment.

In fact, by the year 2020 (just a few years from now), the car industry predicts zero deaths and serious injuries. This will slash the cost of insurance to around $100 per year.

This is why I recommend leasing a car that includes all the self-driving technology available – it is both safer (and cheaper to insure).

What happens if I drive too many miles?

It depends.

Car companies have convinced us to turn in our vehicle at lease end.


Each lease agreement includes a secret lease buyout price (a.k.a. the residual value). This allows us to buy out the car at any time – from any dealer on the planet:

faqs residual value

And when we lease the right vehicle (which I teach my clients), we can sell back our leased vehicle and make a small profit. And yes, this includes vehicles driven more than the allotted mileage…

In fact, we can drive double the mileage and not pay a single penny in overage fees (with the right vehicle).

Of course, car dealers do not want us knowing about this. Because when we turn in our vehicle, they put it on their used car lot and make thousands and thousands of dollars in extra profit.

Can I trade in my old car when leasing a new car?

Yes, you can…


I would not do it at the same time.

I teach my clients to get their new vehicle first. Then trade in their vehicles AFTER they agree upon a deal…

This strategy can give you thousands of extra dollars for your trade in.

Is your system a scam?

No it is not a scam.

Because this is totally legitimate.

And I appreciate your skepticism. Because I am the biggest critical thinker on the planet.

I will be adding many case studies to this blog as they come in…

My first client was Kim Chelesvig. She used my KTL system to get into a $46,815.00 2017 Infiniti Q50 Premium Plus for just $325 a month. There was no down payment… she only paid $180 in registration tags. And the best part is it took just 13 days to pull it all off…

I interviewed her about her success here:

I am ready to order you KTL USA At-Home Leasing System. Where do I start?

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This includes everything you need to get any car lease here in the USA at the lowest price… and without having to pay any down payment.

Once you order, you get:

  • Quick Start Guide (for those who need a great deal on a new car fast)
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  • Email web app – send my prewritten emails to any dealership in just one click of your mouse…
  • Fill-in-the-blank templates to help you reply to emails…
  • Detailed written and video training tutorials on every aspect of new car leasing…
  • Answers to any question you have about leasing your new car…

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