How to make a tidy profit turning in a leased car

Hi Markus, What should I do if im leasing a car now and need to turn it in? Will your system work this situation? Thank you in advance!

The short answer is yes.

I am helping one of my clients do the EXACT same thing – right now.

Let me share the details with you:

He is leasing a brand new Chrysler Pacifica L.

He used my leasing system to get a fantastic lease price (I will link to his case study in a few days).


He got his ready-to-come-off lease car inspected. And there is $140.00 in bumper damage.

Plus, there is a $250.00 “disposition fee”. (This is a bogus fee we have to pay just to turn the car in.)

Most people make the mistake of turning in their leased car. And they walk away with absolutely nothing. In many cases, they owe the leasing company hundreds of dollars.

Instead, we can have a dealership buy out our lease agreement and bank hundreds… even thousands of dollars in cold cash.


This quick video shows you how I flip just about any vehicle here in the lower 48 – click the play button to see it:

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