My Ford lease has damage and I am way over the mileage limit – can you help me?

Car leasing is great. I can think of no other way of driving a car.

But, one of the downsides is when life happens and we suffer damages and/or go way over the mileage allotment.

Like this:

OK… I need your help Markus! After reading your “How to turn end-of-lease cars into extra cash”, it sounds like I’m pretty screwed with my current 2016 Lincoln MXK Select lease. When we first got the lease, my wife worked 5 min from our house. A month later she switched jobs and has been putting on 40+ miles per day on her SUV. Therefore, she’s already at 52,000 miles and we still have 4 months left on the lease! The total amount of mileage allowed is 39,015.

Here are the details:
39-month lease (ends Aug 31st, 2019 – 4 payments left)
Payments: $569 per mon.
Mileage Allowed: 39,015
Actual Mileage: 52,000
Cost of Overage: .20 per mile
Buy Out Option: $27,332.60

What is the best option for me that would cost the least amount of money? We’ve been leasing cars forever and never ran into a situation like this. This sucks!

Also… She just rubbed a curb and took a chunk out of the side wall of one of her tires. So I need to get a new one. If I’m handing the care back into Lincoln, do I have to replace the tire with the same exact brand and model number? If not, I’ll guy by a $89 tire instead of spending $230 on the OEM one.

Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Have no fear, Markus Allen is here to deliver some potentially GREAT news:

Your timing is EXTREMELY fortunate.


If you waited a few weeks to try and “turn end-of-lease cars into extra cash” (like my article claims), you would be legally out of luck…

Ford’s vehicle leases specifically forbid 3rd-party buyouts with less than 90 days remaining on a lease. Most of my clients try and flip their Ford leases too late… within the 90-day time window. So luck is on your side right now.

This is why I would try to flip your MXK before you hit the 90-day mark. Do not delay. You have nothing to lose by trying… believe it or not, you might come away making some cash once the dust settles. I see it all the time.

The other advantage of “flipping” your vehicle is you get out of your lease early and move into a new lease and enjoy a fresh start. (Of course, you might not. You might try and flip your vehicle and come out worse than just turning your vehicle in at the end of the lease. Remember, I NEVER make guarantees).


When you rip up your lease agreement and get a 3rd-party car buying service to “flip” and buy out your lease, your mileage penalty is a fraction of what leasing companies charge. EVEN BETTER, that $350.00+ Ford Motor Credit lease disposition fee is forgiven, too!

Typically, the “wholesale mileage penalty” is near 5 cents… not the 20 cents Ford is going to charge you. So, if your vehicle is carrying “positive equity” (i.e. the marketplace value is higher than your buyout amount… of course impossible to know until you get appraisals), your mileage “whack” might break you even in the end.

Once you become a client of mine, I have an entire interactive guide on how to perform “the flip” the best way for your exact situation:

Let me be clear once again: I do not make any claims or guarantees. My leasing system merely gives you the best chance to walk away from this terrible situation and break even (and skip those awful penalties).

– markus

P.S. If for some odd reason, you do not flip your MXK, at the very least get a FREE end-of-lease inspection from Ford once you are less than 90 days away. They will come to your home or office and tell you how much that tire damage is. Many times, they give their clients a “forgiveness” amount of cash… you might not owe anything in physical damage. (Of course, you will still owe thousands of dollars in over-the-mileage penalties).