First Level 5 self driving car is here – now

People either laugh at me…

Or they get angry at me:

Because I tell them we are just 2 short years away from a mass produced, self driving car.


I was wrong.

We do not need to wait 2 years.

Because it is here today.

This is the first mass-produced, self-driving car:

Chevy Cruise first mass produced self driving car

And I quote from this Medium blog post titled, “How we built the first real self-driving car (really)”:

The car we’re unveiling today is actually our 3rd generation self-driving car, but it’s the first that meets the redundancy and safety requirements we believe are necessary to operate without a driver. There’s no other car like this in existence. In a few weeks, these cars will be a part of the fleet that carries Cruise employees anywhere in San Francisco using our app.

And this:

In the near future you’ll see these cars on the road, and they’ll look like regular cars, but they’re actually some of the most technically advanced robots on the planet. They don’t need drivers, and there might not be anyone inside at all. They’ve been designed to emulate human driving behavior but with the human mistakes omitted. They don’t drink and drive, they don’t text while driving, and they don’t get tired. It has taken the collective effort of over two thousand people to create this product, and we believe that together we’ve managed to create something that will one day drive significantly better than any individual.

And then this:

All of these new systems are important, because a driverless vehicle can’t rely on a human as a backup system. If something on a vehicle fails while there is an attentive human in the driver’s seat, they can yank the wheel or stomp on the brake pedal to avoid an incident. This isn’t the case for a car with no driver, so we built backup systems. And in some cases we built backups for the backups – and backups for those systems, too. Safety and validation teams have carefully considered plausible failure modes for all critical systems and fed changes back into the design. Our newest self-driving car might look like a regular car on the outside, but the vehicle’s core system architecture more closely resembles that of a commercial airplane or spacecraft. It’s a complex and time consuming process to design cars this way, but it’s the responsible thing to do.

Angry yet?

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We can fight back.

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