UPDATED: Read this if you are looking to lease a new car during the Coronavirus outbreak

If you are about to turn in your leased vehicle…

And/or you are thinking about leasing a new car during this Coronavirus outbreak…

UPDATE: 3/21/2020 @ 12:04 PM… Most auto brands are now offering 90-day deferred payments during this Coronavirus outbreak… even more of a reason to lease ASAP (including the reasons I list below). UPDATE: 5/6/2020 @ 01:26 PM The entire auto industry is seeing a massive drop in sales and are desperate for a government bailout.

I have good news and bad news.

Let’s start with the bad news… the REALLY bad news:

The vast majority of car dealerships here in the USA have been ordered by their state to shut down their sales departments.

(Most dealerships are still permitted to keep their service department open.)

Now, here is the good news… the REALLY good news:

Most car sellers are permitted to do business via phone and email. But most people do not know this and are waiting for the dust to settle.

However, there is a catch:

No one is permitted to test drive a car. Again, almost all dealerships are shut down right now.


If you do not need to test drive a car (right away), this might be the best time in the history of car leasing to get into a new car.

Here is why:

Since I have lots of friends in the car business, I get lots of inside information.

And right now, dealerships have seen their sales plummet.

In fact, most dealerships cannot even sell one new car a day right now. (Normally they sell at least 7 to 10 a day).

And it will get worse as the uncertainty continues.

Business is so bad, some are driving for Uber and Lyft until things get better.

Even worse, car advertising websites like Cargurus.com, Edmonds.com and TrueCar.com have all slashed their advertising rates by 50% today (March 19th).

This is terrible news for car sellers.

No one is showing up at their dealerships.

And some predict these dealership shutdowns will go on longer than anticipated.

The other good news is this does not affect my clients…


Ever since I invented my KTL USA Leasing System many years ago, none of my clients have needed to step foot inside a car dealership…

Instead, we do it all from the comfort of our home… all by email. We do not even talk to salespeople.

The punchline is this: we can use my system to get the deal of a lifetime. I am not kidding.

Now, there are a few catches:

1) You must have a FICO credit score higher than 610.

2) You must be able to show a paystub proving that you earn at least $19,000 a year in income. If you are self employed, you will need last year’s income tax report as proof.

3) Your car must reside in the lower 48 for most of the year (my system does not work for those in Hawaii, Canada, Alaska or Puerto Rico).

4) You must have current auto insurance.

If you meet these criteria, now is the time to exploit this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Here is what I would do next if you are looking to lease a new car within the next 90 days:

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Next, get my KTL USA Leasing System here. My system works for any car sold at a local dealership (except Tesla). My system reveals to you how to get lot more car for a lot less money. And my at-home leasing system is discounted $100 right now.

Finally, when you use my car-leasing system to find the best deal, ask the dealership for an at-home test drive BEFORE you take delivery of your new car. Most dealerships will do this as they are DESPERATE to make a sale during this shutdown. They will have a 3rd-party delivery service drive the a test car to you. Take as long as you desire to test it out. If you love your new car, just say the word and sign the lease agreement. But, if you do not love it, simply return the car – no problem at all.