How to lease a Chevrolet Traverse 3LT with leather at $479.91 monthly – $0 cash down

I just got another unsolicited testimonial – my client got a Chevrolet Traverse 3LT with leather at $479.91 a month… $0 cash down sign and drive.

Here is what he wrote to me:

It’s official brother! I have my new Traverse! Man, and it looks great. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the help that you have given to me. You have really saved me a lot of money.

– Stanley Roberts
Pepper Pike, Ohio

Chevy Traverse 3LT Leather AWD thumbs up

As always in this blog, let’s get into the weeds on this amazing new-car lease deal…

I teach my clients to shoot for a “1% deal”. This is when the monthly payment is roughly 1% of the car’s MSRP (and is with no money down).

Here is the math from the lease agreement:

Chevy Traverse 3LT Leather AWD cash needed on delivery

As we see, Stanley’s monthly lease payment will be almost EXACTLY 1% of the MSRP. The selling price of this vehicle was $47,835. And Stanley’s monthly payment is $479.91. Again, he did not put any money down. None of my clients put money down – we convince car sellers to eliminate this unnecessary fee as the cost of doing business with us.

Speaking of fees, Stanley will not pay any – see:

Chevy Traverse 3LT Leather AWD no fees

It gets even better… when we look at the lease agreement, we see the total drive off amount needed is $3,061.11 in cash. But, since we always demand a sign and drive lease, the dealership reached into their own pocket and paid down $2,390.00 as an extra rebate.

In the end, Stanley prepaid his first-month lease payment ($479.91) and the fees for government tags and registration fees ($191.20).

Here is the best part

Not only did Stanley get this amazing SUV for thousands less than anyone else:

Chevy Traverse 3LT Leather AWD front 1200x900.jpeg

But he arranged it as a 17th-wedding-anniversary surprise for his entire family.

He timed it so that after returning home from their cruise (here is their cruise picture):

Chevy Traverse 3LT Leather AWD cruise picture

… Their new car was delivered to their home the same day they got back home from their cruise.

Why home delivery?

Because we NEVER, EVER want to shop for a new car at a dealership. Instead, we want to do it all from our home. This avoids the nonsense and games played. And by casting a wide net and contacting dozens of Chevrolet dealerships (from my list of aggressive car sellers), we find the absolute best prices – even if the dealership is hundreds of miles away.

And in this case, the best-priced car seller was almost 6 hours away:

Chevy Traverse 3LT Leather AWD delivery map

Here is Stanley’s car coming off the transport carrier:

Chevy Traverse 3LT Leather AWD delivery trailer

I love happy endings!

Here is the punchline: when we lease a new car at a local dealership, we leave $6,000 to $12,000 at the table. This is pure profit for the “stealership”…

But when we contact dozens of dealerships, one is going to get us the exact new car we want at an OUTSTANDING price… and always $0 cash down.