How to lease a Chevrolet Traverse 3LT with leather at $479.91 monthly – $0 cash down

I just got another unsolicited testimonial – my client got a Chevrolet Traverse 3LT with leather at $479.91 a month… $0 cash down sign and drive.

Here is what he wrote to me:

It’s official brother! I have my new Traverse! Man, and it looks great. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the help that you have given to me. You have really saved me a lot of money.

– Stanley Roberts
Pepper Pike, Ohio

Chevy Traverse 3LT Leather AWD thumbs up

As always in this blog, let’s get into the weeds on this amazing new-car lease deal…

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Which car is the best luxury car to lease?

New visitors to this vlog love to ask me about the best luxury car lease deals – like this:

Hi Markus,
Do you track the deals your clients make? If so, what is the success level with Lexus RX-350s? Nissan Muranos?

I do not officially track my clients’ deals, but many like to brag about the deals they get and volunteer to have me write a blog post about their success. I document their case studies here.

Sure, the Lexus RX-350 is a fine luxury car for lease. So is the Nissan Murano. My new-car leasing system gives you a great chance to get any new-car lease near 1% of the MSRP – always $0 cash down, sign and drive.


I am HUGE, MASSIVE fan of all Volvo cars these days. They are nailing it right now. They are super safe, surrounded by the latest technology, nice on the eyes – even more luxurious than Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi at tens of thousands less.

And no… these are not Volvos from the past. Ever since Ford sold Volvo to Geely, they have been redesigned to look fantastic.

The only downside is its self-driving technology. It is not ready for prime time just yet. Tesla is the king of autonomous driving right now. And Volvo is playing catch up. But my guess is all automakers will be perfecting autonomous driving in just a few months.

The best part is they lease well… meaning, Volvo cars offer the biggest bang for the buck these days. I regularly see my clients get their new Volvo super close to the 1% rule – again, always $0 cash down… sign and drive.

Can I get a multi-car discount when leasing new cars?


I plan to purchase your program around December this year when I plan to sell my two existing used cars and lease.

Is there anything in your program about getting deals on leasing two vehicles together for a discount? I don’t even know if such a thing exists or if it’s always better to negotiate one vehicle at a time.

My wife and I would stay in one make if that helped us get a discount.


I would go after 2 new cars as 2 separate transactions.

Here is why:

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Can you add extra miles in the middle of a car lease?

Can I buy extra miles in the middle of a lease if I see I’m going over my allowance?

No we cannot.

We can only buy discounted mileage credits before we sign a car lease.


I might have some great news for you…

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