How to lease a MINI Cooper Hardtop S at $414.61 – $0 cash down

One of my clients just sent me a few pictures of her new MINI Cooper S:

2019 MINI Cooper S.jpeg

And I know she is a savvy driver – parking her brand new MINI Cooper protected by a concrete pole. (More people need to better protect their cars from the general public and their door-ding tendencies):

2019 MINI Cooper S parking garage

She is THRILLED. A quick glance at her lease agreement reveals the good news:

2019 MINI Cooper S lease agreement

She should be ecstatic. After all, she just set a record amongst my clients. She used my new-car leasing system to get a BMW product at the lowest percentage of the MSRP I have ever seen.

Let me explain:

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Can I get a multi-car discount when leasing new cars?


I plan to purchase your program around December this year when I plan to sell my two existing used cars and lease.

Is there anything in your program about getting deals on leasing two vehicles together for a discount? I don’t even know if such a thing exists or if it’s always better to negotiate one vehicle at a time.

My wife and I would stay in one make if that helped us get a discount.


I would go after 2 new cars as 2 separate transactions.

Here is why:

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Can you add extra miles in the middle of a car lease?

Can I buy extra miles in the middle of a lease if I see I’m going over my allowance?

No we cannot.

We can only buy discounted mileage credits before we sign a car lease.


I might have some great news for you…

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