Should I wait a few months before leasing my new car?

I would like to engage in the lease in a few months from now. Would I purchase your program now and begin looking for the vehicle I would like to acquire? I don’t want to impact the program in a negative way by not signing a lease immediately.

My KTL USA At-home Leasing System rewards those with extra time.

In a lot of cases, my clients are able to exit (i.e. “flip“) their current lease early and get into their next lease car in a better position than waiting until the last minute. (Plus, waiting until the last minute is a surefire way to get super stressed out.)

This is why my system gives you access for a full 12 months. So if you are going to order my system, it is better to do it sooner than later.

Can I get great Mercedes-Benz lease deals with $0 down?

I just got this question about leasing a Mercedes E450 Coupe 4matic:

Would I be able to participate knowing I would like a Black Mercedes E450 coupe 4matic? In reading your material I know you tend to look at lower priced vehicles for the best savings.

Take a look at this interesting infographic:

most leased cars in USA

As we see, a higher percentage of leased cars are for expensive cars.


By volume, most people lease cars under $30,000 MSRP.

My KTL USA At-home Leasing System works for all production cars sold in the lower 48. With my system, we aim to come close to the 1% rule. It is a lease where the monthly payment is between .69% and 1.29% of the car’s MSRP.

This includes all Mercedes-Benz cars (and similar higher-priced cars, too).

For example, this $67,940 Volvo S90 T6, this $60,645 INFINITI Q50 Red Sport and this $47,590 Audi Q5 are some of the higher-priced success stories featured on my blog here.

I find there is a sort of sweet spot – cars selling between $30,000 to $46,000 have the most incentives. That is why my clients are able to get a lot more car for a lot less money in this price range.

With that said, typically.. cars over $46,000 are closer to the 1.29% mark – especially since the E450 is “newish”. (And remember: my system always gets a sign-and-drive, $0-cash-down lease). So for your Mercedes E450 Coupe 4matic, I recommend trying to get your payment near $800 month – again, no money down…

If you try and lease the exact same car from any Mercedes-Benz dealership in America, your payment will be close to $1,000.00 a month (plus about $8,000.00 down).

By the way: I hope for your sake you get this E450… it is not like the boring E class of years past… I hear it is a blast to drive these days!

Here are the reasons I would never, ever buy a used car

I just got this question about applying my KTL Leasing System tactics to buying a used car:

Hi Markus,

I bought your leasing system and I think it’s great. But my wife and I are considering buying 3 year old vehicles as an alternative.

Are any of these approaches for leases transferable to buying used vehicles? Even discount stacking etc?

Wondering if I can apply any of the same principles.


I created my system so I would never have to buy a used car again.

The idea of driving a car driven by someone else is repugnant to me. Because I have no idea how rough the driver was on the car.

And driving a car that is out of warranty is a surefire path to major anxiety – even with an extended warranty (see below).

Here are the many reasons I would shy away from buying a used car:

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Can I get the best truck lease deal – $0 cash down?

From time to time, I get people asking if they can use my car leasing system to get a great deal on a truck:

I was looking at leasing a 2019 Chevy Colorado Zr2 diesel. I know it’s kind of a specialty truck, and was wondering if the 1 percent rule would work with your system for this truck.

Officially, I only help people get as close to a “1% rule” deal with cars sold here in America.

I do not promote the same for trucks. Why? Because auto manufacturers are kinda weird about truck leasing. Some trucks magically disappear from the list of available vehicles to lease. For example, Ford halted the lease of its Ford Raptor last month. This happens from time to time – with no explanation from the automakers.

With that said, I have heard that people are ordering my KTL Leasing System to get new trucks – both coming close to the 1% rule and $0 cash down.

Question: What credit score is needed to lease a new car?

I just got this question about how bad credit affects the way we lease a new car:

Marcus, let me start by saying “GOD SENT YOU FROM CAR DEALING HEAVEN” and I regret dearly not coming across your site before.

I just leased a VW ATLAS and was simply disgusted by the mambo-jumbo tactics and utterly steal I was subject to. As I was hitting my head on the keyboard regarding down payments. However, I still have hope.

I am debating between 2017 Mazda 3 (Sport) vs 2017 Hyundai Elantra GT. Hyundai is making me thirsty for some of these amazing manufacturer incentives which can seriously bring the MSRP down.

My biggest concern is that the rent charge will skyrocket due to credit score. However, under Hyundai website, I was given the mini version of EQUIFAX (BLACKBOOK) and credit score was a lot higher (630 Capital vs 680 EQ black book).

This got me thinking that I wouldn’t be able to get a great deal as I had hoped to. Am I wrong to assume this? I have considered that these car dealers may “approve” my lease by Dec 28 but later calling and ask to take the lease back the first week of January (Read your tutorial on this maneuver as well?)


Thanks for the hat tip. I appreciate the kudos on my KTL Leasing System

And I would not beat yourself up on seeing this blog earlier. The car industry (and their compromised “journalists”) ignore this blog (for obvious reasons).

Yes. The car industry knows the average shopper no longer visits 5 locations like our parents use to.

These days, we have been tricked into “researching” from home and visiting just one dealership. And this is EXACTLY why car sellers treat us with no respect. They have the car we want. They know we are too lazy to shop around. And this is how they hustle us for thousands extra. Evil genius, eh?

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