How to lease a Mazda CX5 Grand Touring at $332 monthly – $0 cash down

I just got this message from a VERY happy client – she just leased a Mazda CX5 Grand Touring at $332 monthly – $0 cash down:

Hi Markus,

I just used your system to lease a new 2019 Mazda CX5 Grand Touring, and it worked like a charm! A completely different experience from 3 years ago when we leased at the dealership.

I did my research and knew exactly what I wanted (I actually simultaneously pursued both a Volvo XC40 and the Mazda CX5), added local contacts (I’m based in the SF Bay Area in CA), and followed your advice and used all the templates.

Everything you recommended worked perfectly. Especially as a woman, I felt so empowered and in control of the entire situation, which is an incredible feeling.

I used your leasing system on Tuesday and had my new car delivered to me and signed paperwork at my home on Sunday – just 5 days later.

I ended up getting the CX5 Grand Touring for $332/month, $0 down, nothing out of pocket (they covered all fees and first month’s payment). MSRP was $31,490; rent charge was $17.26.

I’ve already told so many people about how genius your system is – thank you for offering this service!

Alex Linden

Note: The rent charge of just $17.26 is a new record – normally, this would have been over $3,000.00 if we leased the same car at a local car dealership.

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How to lease a INFINITI Q50 Premium Plus at $325 monthly – $0 cash down

I would like you to meet Kim from Des Moines, Iowa. She was my first KTL Leasing System success story.

She proved anyone can email car dealers and get their best prices with $0 cash down leases – without ever seeing a car salesperson…

Without negotiating.

Without wasting hours and hours in the dealership.

And without insults.

She got this amazing INFINITI Q50 Premium Plus without putting any money down:

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How to lease a MINI Cooper Hardtop S at $414.61 – $0 cash down

One of my clients just sent me a few pictures of her new MINI Cooper S:

2019 MINI Cooper S.jpeg

And I know she is a savvy driver – parking her brand new MINI Cooper protected by a concrete pole. (More people need to better protect their cars from the general public and their door-ding tendencies):

2019 MINI Cooper S parking garage

She is THRILLED. A quick glance at her lease agreement reveals the good news:

2019 MINI Cooper S lease agreement

She should be ecstatic. After all, she just set a record amongst my clients. She used my new-car leasing system to get a BMW product at the lowest percentage of the MSRP I have ever seen.

Let me explain:

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How to lease a Subaru Forester at $269.57 monthly – $0 cash down

Normally, Subaru cars do not lease well.

Because most times their leases are sold via their non-captive JP Morgan Bank – not Subaru Motors Finance. And their leasing incentives are not so good.


I am seeing changes. GREAT changes…

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