Can we save tons on a new car lease with car membership discounts?

Check this out:

One of my clients got this $67,940.00 Volvo S90 sports car for just $597.11 monthly – $0 cash down:

2018 Volvo S90 T6 front grill

This is a record-setting deal. This is far lower than the 1% rule my car-leasing clients shoot for.

So how did he pull off this extraordinary deal?

He took advantage of a little-known, yet lucrative car-membership discount.

Why are car membership discounts so HUGE?

Car manufacturers know certain types of people are better car buyers than others. And capturing these new, loyal customers tend to create lifetime relationships.

For example, Ford realized that they have extraordinary “synergy” with hobbyists who build their own experimental airplanes. So they partnered with The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA). Ford (and Lincoln) offer some of their best car discounts for these members. And, this small organization gets an affiliate payment for each car sold (or leased).

It is a win/win/win situation:

Ford/Lincoln wins by getting a guaranteed, loyal customer…

The membership organization wins because they get paid a referral fee when their member gets into a new car…

And their customer wins a stackable, huge discount off the cost of getting their next new car.

What is a stackable discount?

Discounts that “stack” can be combined with other stackable discounts.

For example, we can use an auto-show discount with a recent college graduate discount plus a USAA discount – all at the same time. All these discounts and incentives “stack”.

Once we apply all these stackable discounts, we can further “stack” these car-membership discounts on top, too.

Here is the catch…

Up until the end of 2017, these car-membership discounts were truly the car industry’s best-kept secret. Only the savviest car shoppers knew about ’em.


That all changed when a few car-discussion forums started sharing these discount codes. Often, people were getting these discounts without being a member of these affiliated organizations.

So the car companies introduced new rules at the beginning of the year 2018:

First, they enforced “waiting periods”. In many cases, we now have to be an organization member for at least 30 days… in some cases as long as a year.

And since these incentives change month to month, only members get to see what these incentives are. So we have to pay to join to see if the new car we want has one of these discounts. And now we have to show proof that we are truly members.

The good news is I maintain an up-to-date list of the best car-membership discount programs available. If you are one of my clients, log in and look for my list under the Car Membership Discounts section.