Can I get the best truck lease deal – $0 cash down?

From time to time, I get people asking if they can use my car leasing system to get a great deal on a truck:

I was looking at leasing a 2019 Chevy Colorado Zr2 diesel. I know it’s kind of a specialty truck, and was wondering if the 1 percent rule would work with your system for this truck.

Officially, I only help people get as close to a “1% rule” deal with cars sold here in America.

I do not promote the same for trucks. Why? Because auto manufacturers are kinda weird about truck leasing. Some trucks magically disappear from the list of available vehicles to lease. For example, Ford halted the lease of its Ford Raptor last month. This happens from time to time – with no explanation from the automakers.

With that said, I have heard that people are ordering my KTL Leasing System to get new trucks – both coming close to the 1% rule and $0 cash down.