About Me

Hey there…

I am Markus Allen.

And I am the Editor and Publisher of this blog.

In this blog, I reveal all my secrets, tips and techniques to get more car for less money with leasing.


I am addicted to car travel here in the USA.

Every Friday, we go off the grid and take a “daycation” or “staycation.”

Between our new cars, we put on over 50,000 miles a year.

(And yes, we lease. Because car leasing is about the same cost per mile as financing a car… even when driving a lot of miles).


If you are ready to lease a new car, I can help you:

– Get the most lease incentives, rebates, and discounts…
– Always get $0 cash down leases…
– (Almost) always get FREE delivery of your new car to your home (or office).


We NEVER waste our time getting a new car at the dealership…

We NEVER see a car salesperson…

Instead, the dealership brings our new car to us.

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UPDATE: I now spend most of my time editing this AmazingDiscoveries.com blog.