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UPDATE: 1/3/2020 @ 11:54 AM

Last week, I announced that I was retiring from offering my KTL Leasing System.

Why? Because as my system continues to help people get near 1% leases, I would continue to get frustrating questions (that I have already answered multiple times in my private training videos).

It frustrated me so much, I am willing to throw away a nifty little business.

It was so bad, I hinted to my wife that I wanted to shut this site down…

But… she said this:

“Why don’t you keep up the site and let people know they can use your leasing system… but they cannot ask you any questions.”

So that’s what I am doing… and I will test out her idea…

My leasing system is now completely 100% self-service.

And as part of this test, you can use this gift certificate code to get an instant $100.00 rebate as your reward:

Gift certifite discount code: DSCT100

If you are good at watching, listening and reading instructions on your own… without my handholding… click here to order my KTL USA At-Home Leasing System (and save an instant $100.00).