Hey Markus – does your KTL Leasing System work with Porsche?

Yes. My system works with all production cars sold here in the States.

Here is my list of automakers that my leasing system supports:

Alpha Romeo
Land Rover
Rolls Royce

Also, my system only works here in the States (in the lower 48). It does not work in Hawaii, it does not work in Alaska – nor Puerto Rico.

So, what about trucks?

Yes, my system works with trucks as well…

But here is the problem – some trucks are not available for lease. Strangely, trucks come in and out of lease availability month to month. Even worse, there is no predicting this weird situation.

This is why officially say my system only works with cars. (With that said, I have some of my clients using my system to lease their next truck. They will visit an automaker’s website and see if the model is currently leasing.)

Finally, the awful truth (revealed) about run flat tires

My clients are starting to send me a lot of questions about run flat tires – like this:

The vehicle that we want to buy comes with Run-Flat tires standard (they used the space meant for a spare tire to house the 3rd-row seats when folded down). Can I request they trade these out for regular tires prior to my lease? Do you think that will work? I’m concerned that run-flats are going to give us more problems than solutions…

My fast answer is:

I would NOT lease any car with run-flat tires…


If I was forced to get a car with run-flat tires, I would buy a new set of regular tires, swap out the run flats, then swap ’em back on the car at lease end.

Let’s get into the weeds about this tricky subject…

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How to lease a MINI Cooper Hardtop S at $414.61 – $0 cash down

One of my clients just sent me a few pictures of her new MINI Cooper S:

2019 MINI Cooper S.jpeg

And I know she is a savvy driver – parking her brand new MINI Cooper protected by a concrete pole. (More people need to better protect their cars from the general public and their door-ding tendencies):

2019 MINI Cooper S parking garage

She is THRILLED. A quick glance at her lease agreement reveals the good news:

2019 MINI Cooper S lease agreement

She should be ecstatic. After all, she just set a record amongst my clients. She used my new-car leasing system to get a BMW product at the lowest percentage of the MSRP I have ever seen.

Let me explain:

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Here are the reasons I would never, ever buy a used car

I just got this question about applying my KTL Leasing System tactics to buying a used car:

Hi Markus,

I bought your leasing system and I think it’s great. But my wife and I are considering buying 3 year old vehicles as an alternative.

Are any of these approaches for leases transferable to buying used vehicles? Even discount stacking etc?

Wondering if I can apply any of the same principles.


I created my system so I would never have to buy a used car again.

The idea of driving a car driven by someone else is repugnant to me. Because I have no idea how rough the driver was on the car.

And driving a car that is out of warranty is a surefire path to major anxiety – even with an extended warranty (see below).

Here are the many reasons I would shy away from buying a used car:

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