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If you are looking to lease a new car here in the good ol’ USA…

And want to get the best deal on it…

Watch this short video until the end.

I will show you how to get almost any new car from home – without going into car dealerships.

Even better, instead of paying full price for these cars, I am going to show you how to lease cars at a wholesale rate from car dealerships here in the USA.

These aggressive car sellers are willing to slash our lease payment by $200.00 to $400.00 a month.

Month after month after month.

For the exact same car we get paying full price at a local car dealership.

And the best part is we get these new cars at $0 cash down – always.

Here is the deal:

Back in 2015, I got fleeced by my local Toyota dealership…


Knowing what I know now, I have been fleeced every time I got into a new car.

Fleeced all my adult life.

And this fleecing happens to us all – no exception.

We get ripped off for big bucks every time we visit a car “stealership”.

But, I decided to put an end to it all.

I was going to document my journey to never getting scammed by the car-selling industry.

So, I launched this blog.

And over the years, a few retired car sellers have contacted me.

And they revealed all the tricks car dealerships used to scam us for thousands.

In fact, the typical fleecing is between $6,000.00 to $12,000 on each new car lease.

This is why we are paying $200.00 to $400.00 more a month than we need to.

These retired car sellers helped me invent a system to tap into this money.

And they revealed how we can get these new cars delivered to our home, office – even a Starbucks.

The system is simple:

Instead of visiting a local car dealership…

We contact wholesale car dealerships who are selling the EXACT car we want.

Near the “1% rule”.

Only 1% of new cars is leased near the 1% rule.

What is the 1% rule?

It is a guide to let us know if we got an exceptionally OUTSTANDING lease deal.

It is simply 1% of the new car’s MSRP sticker price – always $0 cash down.

Remember, the 1% rule is a guide – not a guarantee.


The monthly price we ultimately pay changes depending on where we live.

For example, people leasing a car in big cities typically pay 300% to 400% more for taxes than those in the suburbs.

That is why I say the 1% rule is really a range.

And that range is 1% to 1.29% of the total MSRP…

The great news is this:

When our monthly payment is in this range, we are paying 30 to 50% less than our neighbors…

For the EXACT same car.

Without the hassles of wasting up to 5 hours in a car dealership.

The bottom line is this:

I created this blog to master the art of new car leasing.

I reveal how anyone can turn the tables on the car industry and truly get an outstanding deal on any new car lease.

(The exception is Tesla. Because Tesla always sells its cars direct from the factory… they do not have a wholesale car dealership network.)

Since launching this blog, I have answered over 2,000 questions about new-car leasing.

And I have reviewed over 10,000 lease worksheets and draft lease agreements.

So yes… I have become the go-to guy on all things about car leasing.

And I publish all this information FREE on this blog.

So here is what I would do next…

Take a few moments to scan my blog.

Pick up the knowledge that no car seller wants us to know about how to slash the monthly cost of our next new-car lease.

Find out how timing is everything – right down to the perfect time and day to get into a new-car lease.

And see how to replace emotion and leverage logic to turn the tables on the car-selling industry.

I call my system the KTL USA At-home Leasing System.

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