Introducing the most expensive cars and light duty truck to insure

According to a fresh, new 24/7 Wall St. report, these are the least expensive cars and light-duty trucks to insure:

Subaru Outback 4WD w/ Eyesight $539.32 (avg. yearly insurance rate)
Acura RDX four-door 2WD $590.92
Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4WD $620.47
GMC Canyon crew cab 4WD $633.70
Subaru Forester four-door 4WD with Eyesight $645.85
Jeep Wrangler two-door SWB 4WD $647.85
Mazda CX-5 four-door 2WD $649.78
Acura MDX four-door 2WD $660.06
Ford Expedition four-door 2WD $660.16
Volvo XC60 four-door 2WD $665.28
Subaru Legacy 4WD with Eyesight $667.79
Chevrolet Corvette convertible $671.58
Nissan Leaf electric $675.03
Honda Pilot four-door 2WD
Honda CR-V four-door 4WD $678.46
Honda Odyssey $680.40
Mini Countryman 4WD $680.94
Subaru XV Crosstrek 4WD with Eyesight $680.94
Ford F-250 SuperCab 4WD $684.51
Toyota 4Runner four-door 4WD $688.12
Ford F-150 SuperCab 4WD $690.91
Ford Edge four-door 2WD $693.74
GMC Acadia four-door 2WD $712.83
Chevrolet Traverse four-door 4WD $716.68
Toyota Sequoia four-door 4WD $719.60

Here are the 25 most expensive cars to insure:

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Can we save tons on a new car lease with car membership discounts?

Check this out:

One of my clients got this $67,940.00 Volvo S90 sports car for just $597.11 monthly – $0 cash down:

2018 Volvo S90 T6 front grill

This is a record-setting deal. This is far lower than the 1% rule my car-leasing clients shoot for.

So how did he pull off this extraordinary deal?

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Question: What credit score is needed to lease a new car?

I just got this question about how bad credit affects the way we lease a new car:

Marcus, let me start by saying “GOD SENT YOU FROM CAR DEALING HEAVEN” and I regret dearly not coming across your site before.

I just leased a VW ATLAS and was simply disgusted by the mambo-jumbo tactics and utterly steal I was subject to. As I was hitting my head on the keyboard regarding down payments. However, I still have hope.

I am debating between 2017 Mazda 3 (Sport) vs 2017 Hyundai Elantra GT. Hyundai is making me thirsty for some of these amazing manufacturer incentives which can seriously bring the MSRP down.

My biggest concern is that the rent charge will skyrocket due to credit score. However, under Hyundai website, I was given the mini version of EQUIFAX (BLACKBOOK) and credit score was a lot higher (630 Capital vs 680 EQ black book).

This got me thinking that I wouldn’t be able to get a great deal as I had hoped to. Am I wrong to assume this? I have considered that these car dealers may “approve” my lease by Dec 28 but later calling and ask to take the lease back the first week of January (Read your tutorial on this maneuver as well?)


Thanks for the hat tip. I appreciate the kudos on my KTL Leasing System

And I would not beat yourself up on seeing this blog earlier. The car industry (and their compromised “journalists”) ignore this blog (for obvious reasons).

Yes. The car industry knows the average shopper no longer visits 5 locations like our parents use to.

These days, we have been tricked into “researching” from home and visiting just one dealership. And this is EXACTLY why car sellers treat us with no respect. They have the car we want. They know we are too lazy to shop around. And this is how they hustle us for thousands extra. Evil genius, eh?

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Question: How should I handle my lease return and get a new lease?

I just got this question about what happens when you return a leased car for a new leased car using the same leasing company:

Hello Markus,

I was hoping to get some useful advice regarding a lease return.

I’m currently in the 3rd year of my 3 year lease through Chrysler Capital. I have 6 payments remaining (about $2000). I’m located in Southern Ca.

I’m looking to upgrade into a 2018 of the same make and model. The lease quote I received is:

MSRP: 43,290

SALE PRICE: 38,450




I haven’t yet informed the dealer about my lease return. What’s the best way to ask the dealer for a buyout without being taken advantage of?

What about my current tags, they don’t expire until June 2018, why can’t I keep my tags and save on registration fees?

Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

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Question: when is the best time of the year to lease a car?

Bottom line bmw- is it possible to get 0 downpayment?
When is the best time to get the beat deal on a lease? End of year? Certain time of month?

I am always careful when asked these types of questions…

Because the good ‘ol US government does not allow us to make “claims.” We cannot make guarantees of outcomes. Heck, we technically cannot even offer a money-back guarantee… because it implies a claim.

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